Unstable connection

  • HDave

    HDave - 2008-08-28

    Hi - I am running Ubuntu 8.04 with Blueproximity from the repo's (v 1.2.4).  I have paired my Palm Treo 700w with my laptop and installed Blueproximity without a problem.  The tool recognizes the PDA and when I do a channel scan it finds channel 1 usable.

    However I notice the the Bluetooth connection is only active for a second or two and then it breaks.  After a couple seconds it is re-initiated and then it breaks again.  It does this on/off/on/off thing forever, going from a green key to a grey key with a yello triangle and back.

    Is this the normal mode of operation or should the connection be on all the time.  Any idea what the problem might be?

    Thanks for such a creative/cool tool....

    • Lars Friedrichs

      Lars Friedrichs - 2008-08-30

      Hi hdave,

      no - it is not the intended mode of operation although it might even work that way. The problem is some phones do require certain traffic on some channels. If the traffic is not seen within a given time the connection will be canceled on the phone. Blueproximity does not know anything about the special traffic, it does not send a single data byte so the battery drain is not getting worse - but it sees the dying connection and immediately reconnects.

      Try a different channel is the only solution. Some phones have usable channels on channels that the scan shows as unusable. They kind of detect the scan and drop further connects. When you find some time you should manually step through all channels to find a working one...



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