Blueproximity and Android

  • Daniel Castro

    Daniel Castro - 2011-05-09


    I had used blueproximity for years now and it have always worked perfectly until recently that I got myself a new Android phone. Sometimes when I come back it will not unlock my computer. I would have to turn bluetooth off and on again on the phone to get it to reconnect with blueproximity and unlock my computer.
    I know this is very likely to be an Android problem rather an a blueproximity problem but I'm just wondering if someone else has seen similar issues and if there's a workaround.
    I have tried all available channels but on all of them it will eventually fail to unlock, at the moment I have it on channel 3 which is the OBEX Push channel.
    Any tips appreciated.


  • Andrew Redd

    Andrew Redd - 2011-09-26

    I just got a new Android as well and am very disheartened to find that Blue Proximity does not work with it.   I can only pick up a bluetooth signal when I'm actively trying to transfer something, and even then it is not a terribly strong signal.  Fail on Android.


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