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  • Robert Schauer

    Robert Schauer - 2010-03-02


    Looks like there's not been much activity here lately, but hopefully someone will see this.  I've been lurking on SF for years and never found occasion to post before, but here I am now.  :)

    I've been using BlueProximity for some time, and love it.  It was working great with my Katana DLX, even though the phone's BT unit was pretty weak.

    Now I have a Droid, and after some doing, I got some usable channels in BP, and it works great!  Almost too strong a signal; distance of 1 is about 15 feet away!

    The only problem is, since I started using it with the droid, my BT mouse (Dell M-RBB-DEL4) cuts out every so often.  I haven't been able to tell if it's at a regular interval or not.

    If info on general BT settings is needed, please point me in the direction of the tools I need to get it; I'm not very familiar with BT stuff, but I'm not stranger to the command line.  Following is some general info:

    Ubuntu 9.10 x86
    BlueProximity 1.2.5 (from Ubuntu repo)
    BP settings:
       RFCOMM Channel: 11
       default lock/unlock commands
       prox. command = blank
       Command interval: 600s

    I've turned on the log file as well, and can provide that if it will help.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Robert Schauer

    Robert Schauer - 2010-03-17

    Anyone have an idea here?  The problem has not gone away, and it wasn't happening with my old phone.

    Wanted to add that when the mouse stops responding, after a minute or two, it's OK again.  This isn't a BT sleep or anything; it happens right in the middle of using it.

    Again, if you need to see info on BT channels being used by the mouse or anything like that, I'll need some assistance getting it.  I'm happy to provide any info requested.

    I've gathered a bit more that I thought might be useful.  Curious; I thought that bluez got removed when I installed gnome-blootooth.  I don't think that's causing problems though, since I did that long before the problem started.

    bluez version 4.51-0ubuntu2
    gnome-bluetooth 2.28.1-0ubuntu2

    ThinkPad T61p
    Broadcom Bluetooth Controller (built-in, uses USB bus)

    I see now that the log file only shows when an action is taken (started, locked, unlocked).  Is there any other log, or some kind of tracing that can be turned on?


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