• jaber89

    jaber89 - 2007-08-16

    You guys have a cool idea here. only if it worked for windows... Next version please make for windows i would appreciate it.

    • Lars Friedrichs

      Lars Friedrichs - 2007-08-16

      Hi jaber89,

      it is on my todo-list :-)
      To be honest - there are problems right now that keep me from releasing a windows version:
      - I need a bluetooth lib for python or a command line tool that (like the hcitool rssi - command under linux) will give me the rssi value of a connected bluetooth device.
      - without further investigation I would say it is very easy to lock the screen under windows - but unlocking is quite impossible if one does not integrate hos own drivers into the logon chain. I believe Windows screen locking to be designed in a way xscreenlock works - which you would have to kill (terminate process) to unlock the screen without password entry. I guess this wouldn't even work with windows.

      I will keep an eye on this but you may add a Feature request "Runs on Windows" if you like. Then you will get informed automatically if things are getting better for windows :-)


    • Erwin Jansink

      Erwin Jansink - 2008-01-30

      Hi Lars,

      If you develop a package for Windows, you could have a valid commercial application here.  I'll tell you why;

      I have a requirement for ~200 (with potential for up to 21,000 users globally) for a proximity device-pair as per the following requirements;

      I’m looking for a product that has two components.  The first component is passive and is worn by the user with, or embedded in, their security pass.  The second is an active transceiver that is connected to the user’s assigned desktop or notebook.  When the passive device gets out of range, the desktop or notebook locks automatically (there is no requirement to re-authenticate when the passive device comes back into range as this would be contra-best practice).

      What do you think?

      Erwin Jansink

      • Lars Friedrichs

        Lars Friedrichs - 2008-01-30

        Hi Erwin,

        just to let me get things straight: You are looking for some kind of RFIDProximity, which would be a stripped down windows version of blueproximity for use with a passive tag (as with RFID) and all it should do is detect a certain distance and then lock windows. Of course it should run as a windows service.
        Is python still an option or would it need to be binary only?

        I think we should keep in contact and discuss things further like if you think of an commercial version what would be the budget for such a project? I am very interested in your answer but maybe we should discuss these matters directly via mail or phone. You can send an email to my sourceforge address or to l dot friedrichs _at (remove_this)
        I am not sure if your name implies you are a native german speaker but otherwise english is just as good.

        Waiting to hear from you,


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