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  • Antonis Kaladis

    Antonis Kaladis - 2008-02-26

    I must say, I love this app. My only 'complaint' is the lack of tango-styled icons. I have always hated inconsistent system trays, be it in Windows or Linux. Perhaps the icons should be left for the system's icon theme (e.g. gnome's) to decide. Or at least replace that ugly bluetooth badge with something stylish and tango-inspired... I'd post it here but i see no attachment feature... ;)

    I know I'm picking at tiny tiny details, but hey, I couldn't find anything else wrong. :)


    • Lars Friedrichs

      Lars Friedrichs - 2008-02-26

      Hi Antonis,

      thanks for mentioning the icon theming issue. I must admit I have no clue on how to manage the icons I use so that they are themable by gnomes features. If you could point me into some direction I would be glad to help you on this one. Btw, you can attach stuff - but not in the forum. You might want to create a feature request or a bug report. You can use attachments there!


      • Jesse Dyer

        Jesse Dyer - 2008-02-26


             I wasn't able to get the .deb to install, so I'm not certain exactly where those icons get placed for you (although running "dpkg -L blueproximity" might tell you..), but for me, there's a directory which contains those icons as svgs.  I popped mine into Inkscape and personalized them a bit; maybe that will work for you as well.


        • Lars Friedrichs

          Lars Friedrichs - 2008-02-26

          Ah Jesse,

          btw, I uploaded a feisty/gutsy version of 1.2.4. Maybe you want to check if that one installs for you? You can pimp the icons later on in /usr/share/blueproximity - the svg files...


          • Antonis Kaladis

            Antonis Kaladis - 2008-02-27

            A theme's icons are usually stored under /usr/share/icons/<ThemeName>/<Size>/<Type>/<IconName> or under a .icons folder of the home folder, keeping the same structure.

            For instance, NetworkManager animations (which are in fact just a series of icons) uses

            <Size>/apps/nm-stageXX-connectingYY (either in png or svg for scalable)

            Rhythmbox also uses a theme's icon for its tray (e.g. for tray icon during playback or inactivity)

            I have also seen other apps (e.g. gnome-sensors, pidgin etc) using their own folder under /usr/share/

            The version I have installed is I think 1.2.4 from GetDeb.

            Would you like me to e-mail you the tango-ish bluetooth logo?

            • Lars Friedrichs

              Lars Friedrichs - 2008-02-27

              If you would like to support BlueProximity and the icons are produced by you and you license them under GPL-2 and 3 I will likely include them. I am no graphics artist... I was quite happy to even have something better than just a brick :-)



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