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  • skerit

    skerit - 2007-09-19


    I just wanted to give you a big thumbs up, I remember finding this command-line program to unlock programs via bluetooth connection quality, but I never got around to get it to work. And look here, a nice program to do it all for us! :P

    I'm looking forward to getting it to run as smoothly as possible, unfortunately, it currently doesn't do anything at all.

    But I do believe that's because I'm already running Gutsy, or maybe bad configuration files, or maybe a bad adapter. Anyway, I can't even get my computer's service list on my phone, so something fishy is going on there...)

    And I would love to fill in trnaslation-wise (Dutch) however, I've never attempted such a thing and to be honest, I'm not going to win any grammar contests...

    • Lars Friedrichs

      Lars Friedrichs - 2007-09-19


      thanks for the praise. Of course you can try to do a dutch translation. Since there are mostly single words you should be able to have no problems with grammar. You could also use a dictionary. Join the mailinglist at blueproximity-translation@lists.sourceforge.net. Read the initial post here
      to get an overview on how to do a translation.

      I will try to find a Gutsy installation with a bluetooth device. Does scanning work? If not, please try to follow the faq in the docs to pair the devices. If that does not work it is most likely a problem with BlueZ not being setup correctly with your gutsy installation.


    • Adesfire

      Adesfire - 2007-10-10

      Hi !
      I'am a french Ubuntu user, and i have try blueproximity on Gusty.
      Blueproximity as worked 5-10 minutes and after, the tray icon become red whith a bad message.
      But my phone is detected by the script and i can see it in the list of the associated devices (i can transfert files between my computer and the mobile, a Nokia 6680)

      So, why blueproximity come down after somes working minutes ??

      I don't know, but i hope you can help me ;-)

      Sorry for this ugly translation !!!!

      Bye !

      • Lars Friedrichs

        Lars Friedrichs - 2007-10-10

        Could you test if the same happens if you switch to pause mode and then back to normal mode again?

        This would test if it happens every time we connect to the phone. If it is the same, it might be your phone activating some kind of power save mode. This is either some new mode I don't know yet or there is no real connection. You might then want to try to change the connecting channel in the config file - you have to test which channel works ok with your phone. This option is called "device_channel" and can be anything from 1 to 30.



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