Nice features, Steven! I'd been thinking about a Clojure SoundObject too, but I haven't had time to do more than read about Clojure yet. The other one I've had in mind in a Ruby SoundObject (using JRuby), since I do a lot of work in Ruby and even use it for command-line utilities for some things. If I can manage to fire up my motivation and set aside the time, I may contribute that one of these days.

- Dave

On Fri, Jan 18, 2013 at 8:34 AM, Steven Yi <> wrote:
Hi All,

Just wanted to let you know my current plans with blue.  Primarily,
there are three main projects I have planned for the short term:

* Audio Layers
* Clojure SoundObject
* Modulation

Audio Layers is putting DAW functionality into blue. This will include
an Audio LayerGroup, and library management of audio clips. I will be
releasing this feature in stages with basic functionality to start; I
am hoping that the community here will inform me what things they'd
like from there.

The Clojure SoundObject is something that I've wanted to put into blue
for a while.  I've finally gotten a start on it and it's motivated by
my interest in OpenMusic.  My thoughts are that the Clojure
SoundObject would be a start.  Afterwards, I'd like to look at
building a composing library that could both be called by code, as
well as be used as the basis for a graphical composing system that'd
be similar to OpenMusic.  My thought too is that there is a lot of
great lisp-based projects out there and that using Clojure would be a
natural fit for translating things for a Java-based system.  I am
still very much used to python coding, so I'd like to support both
means of working somehow (still need to figure out best path forward
for this).

The third major part is Modulation. In thinking about instrument
design I had thought that a modulation system is a big missing part to
the BlueSynthBuilder feature set.  I had a very good discussion with
Ed Costello and have come up with a design that I think will work
well.  This will require some coding conventions to be followed, but
on the other hand, will allow users to user a GUI interface to make
modulation connections between modulation sources and targets and
choose amount of modulation to apply (also allowing sources to map to
multiple targets).  I think this will make things easier for
modulation to have it built-in and to have an established practice for
designing instruments with it.

One thing I've left off at the moment is the BSBCanvas widget.  I
think I need some more time to figure out the exact API for this that
users will code against for setting tables and channel values; there's
some complications as I'm also trying to redesign blue's engine to be
more realtime and there's a lot of things intersecting.

The Clojure and Modulation projects should not be too bad to develop,
and I hope to have working prototypes of both by next week. Audio
Layers will be continuing development in parallel, and will be
released after the first two.

Also, starting in February, I will be looking at revamping the blue
website.  This will include a number of things, but I'd like most to
redo blueShare to add a number of things like subscribing to users
and/or contributions, making contributions versioned, having a
notification system on the client-side, etc.

Later in Spring I will be looking at implementing auto-update to blue.
 There is a mechanism for this in the Netbeans Platform that blue is
based on, and but I need to have time to organize and establish the
exact practice I will follow for versioning and releasing artifacts.
The result will be that bug fixes should be easy to get as a hot


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