Dear Steven,

I'd like to join in to help and do some testing. I wonder if this new beta is suitable for Mac. Should I take it or should I wait until there is an easier install-process for Mac OSX?

All the best,

Jan Jacob

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Am 30.10.2009 um 05:37 schrieb Steven Yi:

Hi All,

I thought I'd post the latest with the 2.0.0 betas here:

It's still not officially a "beta" in that there are a few things to
implement (namely, I'm still working out the manual, as well as still
tweaking the look and feel), but I'll be going with beta from this
point on.  This does have a fix for bug 2864419 (multi-line
i-statements and f-statements for CSD import) amongst other things.

Continuing on and thanks as always to those providing feedback!


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