Hi Steven, All -

Long time no talk!  I've recently moved over to a MacBook Pro OS 10.5.

I wrote the bit of lisp that serves as the Common Music 1.x example in blue (still my editor of choice for csound :)).  Since I can't run CM 1.x on this Mac, I decided to give CM3 a shot (something I've been putting off for awhile) and ran into some trouble - hopefully someone on the list has come up against the same thing.  Here's the deal:

On windows, the CM binaries are started via lisp.exe (or clisp.exe in CM3, I gather).  In the Mac distros, the binary is called 'cm'.  Calling it from the terminal, it appears you cannot pass this binary a file to evaluate i.e.

cm test.lisp

If this is really the case, we can't call cm from blue's externalObject on Mac.  :(  Hopefully I'm missing something obvious.  I've posted a question to the CM list as well.

Thanks -
Ben McAllister