Hi Steven,
I have a little problem using the file selector in blue synth (in windows xp), I have made some instruments using the widget opcodes so I can perform and record in real-time. I use blue synth to set the i parameters before I render the instrument (like the fft size and window types). I was using csoundAV for a while and as you know in AV if you write "BROWS_FILE" instead of a file name, when you run the instrument a dialogue will open allowing you to choose a sound file. However csoundav seems to crash after 10 mins or so, no matter what Buffer size I use, so I am now using csound5 and it works fine with the same instruments. The problem I have is that csound5 does not have the BROWS function. I tried using the file browser object in blue synth but every time I get and error saying that "the file C:CsoundSamplesPeiman.wav could not be located" (the slashes are for some reason ignored). The same error happens when you write the full path of a sound-file in the instrument text. These are the alternatives:
copy the soundfiles to the csound directory and just write the name in the instrument text.
write the slashes backwards (C:/Csound/Samples/Peiman.wav instead of C:\Csound...etc.)
I was wondering if this is a minor problem that can be solved or if it is a problem with Windows and there is no way around it? Solving this problem would make the instruments much more accessible.
Any comments will be appreciated.
Thanks a lot