...or this might be something for blue? This would be phantastic! I would love to have the opportunity of alignment in the score. Also changing a whole section of a single p-field.

All the best,

Jan Jacob

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Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 14:21:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jacob Joaquin <jacobjoaquin@gmail.com>
Subject: [Csnd]  Score Alignment Utility

I'm not a fan of typing down-left-space over and over after changing a single
Csound score pfield. Some time ago, I wrote a Perl script that
auto-magically does the work for me. I formally started learning Python over
the weekend, and decided to port my favorite and most used Perl script, whle
making a few improvements on the way. I figure this might be useful for
others, so here it is:


Here's an example score that displays the unaligned code alongside various
alignments using the command-line options:

As for the bigger picture. Scripts that refactor Csound code can be
incorporated with existing text editors. For example, I use jedit. Jedit
supports java plugins and beanshell macros.  Though I haven't done this yet,
my research leads me to believe that I will be able to create a macro that
aligns any highlighted code at the stroke of a key combo, without having to
make modifications scorerefactor.py.

In fact, I think I would only have to create a basic beanshell script that
would be able to run several command-line scripts. Another example of a
potentially useful script is a script that shifts the start times of a large
section of score code (I have a perl script for this as well). These
scripts, along with scripts developed by others could be loosely integrated
into other editors. Perhaps QuteSound?

Food for thought, anyways.