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Bluemapia 0.9.6 BETA 2 Now Available

Dear friends,
We are very pleased to announce our latest and improved version of Bluemapia Mobile.

What’s new on Bluemapia Mobile? After extensive planning and development, a list of new features have just gone live.
Here’s a quick rundown on what’s new:

New Search

You can now search by entering the name of a place. If a result is not found on bluemapia, then we search for that place in google and return the result on the map.... read more

Posted by Marcello Ferrero 2009-06-05

Bluemapia BETA now available

We are pleased to announce that Bluemapia Mobile and Desktop version 0.9.5 (Beta) is now available. Download from sourceforge includes the full source code. Binary installers for Windows Desktop and Mobile, including the Smartphone, are available from the bluemapia site at

Thanks in advance to those who are going to try the software and suggest enhancements to Bluemapia.
And now go to, download, register and try!... read more

Posted by Marcello Ferrero 2008-07-29

Amerigo is now BlueMapia

Amerigo has been renamed to BlueMapia. was already taken, so I've selected bluemapia as the new name for this Open Source GPS Chart navigation project that will be soon supported by a dedicated site. My intent is to provide with a full online web platform for georeferenced content sharing dedicated to the community of boaters and other outdoor activity enthusiasts. BlueMapia Mobile will become the mobile mapping client to capture and deploy georeferenced content on mobile devices connected to the internet.... read more

Posted by Marcello Ferrero 2007-11-09

Amerigo PreAlpha is now released

We are pleased to announce that the first 0.8.0 PreAlpha version of Amerigo is now available for download. The download includes the full source code as well as the binary installers for Windows PC and Windows CE on ARM PocketPC 2003 and Windows Mobile 5.
The Amerigo PDF manual is also available for download.
Thanks in advance to those who are going to try the software and suggest enhancements to Amerigo.... read more

Posted by Marcello Ferrero 2007-08-03

Amerigo is looking for developers

I need help to finalize the first version of Amerigo that is now in a pre alpha status. I'm sure there is a C programmer (Windows and Windows Mobile) with GIS and sailing experience who wants to be part of this new project.

Looking forward to hear from you
Marcello Ferrero

Posted by Marcello Ferrero 2007-03-24

Amerigo: screenshots added

The first Amerigo PC and PDA screenshots are now available in the project screenshot section

Thank you for your feedback and participation,
Marcello Ferrero

Posted by Marcello Ferrero 2007-03-24

Amerigo: the details of this new project

I'm pleased to announce that the Amerigo project has started.
What is Amerigo?
Amerigo is a GPS Chart Navigator for PC and PDA that aims to become a full tactical and navigator software for sailors. The software is now in a pre-alpha status and the source code will be released as soon as I find the time to clean it and restructure a little.
With Amerigo version 1 available for WinPC and WinCE you can view charts in BSB3 format (such as NOAA nautical charts) or other raster charts in tiff format (such as scanned copies of paper charts) that you can calibrate to create the geo references needed to identify the lat/lon coordinates of each pixel of the map. Amerigo converts maps to a tiled tiff format to provide super efficient Pan/Zoom operations even on Windows Mobile devices.
Your position is tracked on a moving map when a NMEA GPS receiver is connected via Bluetooth, or a USB/Serial cable to your PC or PDA. Course and speed over ground are always available as well as bearing, velocity made good, time and distance to go when the goto function has been activated.
With Amerigo you can create your own library of placemarks, enriched with the pictures you take with your camera. You can also import placemarks and the related pictures from Google Earth KML files. KML files are easily found on the internet and provide an almost infinite source of points of interest for your trips. Moreover, your Amerigo placemarks as well as the position of the cursor on a chart can be compared with the corresponding Google Earth map at any time.
Although Amerigo in its first version is a general purpose GPS Chart Navigator for outdoor activities, it will be improved in future to integrate other NMEA instruments (Wind, Speed on the Water and Compass) with the goal to become a full tactical and navigation software for sailors. It will support other formats including vector S-57 charts. We plan to extend the support to other platforms including Ultra Mobile and Tablet PCs (Linux and Windows XP Embedded), and mobile phone platforms (Nokia, Symbian, SmartPhone) to leverage GPS, phone, wireless and camera convergence on mobile devices. Other candidate features are: real time tracking of other boats position and data, instant messaging with other boats, placemarks and pictures sharing on the web through a web site, support of other public formats (GeoTIFF) as well as proprietary chart formats, GPX, weather GRIB overlays, sail/polar tables and route planning, log book, dead reckoning and AIS support.... read more

Posted by Marcello Ferrero 2007-03-24

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