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Before this project goes anywhere the first thing that needs to happen is some heavy documentation. What do I mean? First I am going to document the current page/db structure and relations as they are, then outline immediate improvements which need to be made. Then I am going to raise the bar. From a current setup/cofiguration I am going to add structure and relations for the improvements which need to be made. This will give us a where we are now, and then a where we would like to be set of goals. Once all these goals have been satisfactorily met to my liking we will release the Alpha version of this program. All of the features (wishlist) outlined in the TODO document will be in the Alpha version, including user AND admin docs will also be completed before the Alpha version is released. The Alpha version will be VERY functional once released... the hard part is going to be outlining the goals and assigning tasks. I will try to get that accomplished in two weeks.

Posted by Patrick Lindsey 2001-03-23