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bluebery major bug fix

-major bug fix in many bluebery files (caused by whitespaces behind the license) that prevented beta0.0.1 to run with authentification. cause of : error headers allready sent by(...) output started at(...) -added doProtection function to library that makes an include verification and prints out a message in case my file is not included by my authorization file. now we make the full circle of our authorization concept. (what doprotection does was already done before on the web ui, but now you can use this functionality for your files)... read more

Posted by Stephan Hesse 2006-12-01

bluebery cms beta- released

bluebery is a progressive and simple content managment system and library framework written in php for web applications and pages. bluebery is setup in a second, needs almost no configuration and makes writting dynamic peer-based pages real easy..

this version:
documentation and examples added!

Posted by Stephan Hesse 2006-11-30