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Bloxx 0.7 released

The seventh alpha version of Bloxx was released today. Some major API consolidation makes us quite close to beta state now.

Version 0.7 - 20/Jun/2005

- Language selction system implemented;
- Bloxx_StyleLink discontinued, now only ModuleTemplate is used;
- Several bug corrections on database connections;
- Several optimizations on the core modules - some caching of moduletemplates and config values;
- PhotoNews improved a lot;
- HTMLArea module created;
- Major changes in module definition API: now renders and commands are defined by methods and not switches on main functions;
- Nice demo installation created;
- Major imprpvements to forum module;
- Saving bin/images on init files now works fine;
- Generic renders and generic commands created, used for generic edit/delete/create functions;
- Every view may now support generic edit / generic delete buttons by default;

Posted by Telmo Menezes 2005-06-20

Bloxx 0.6 released

The sixth alpha version of Bloxx was released today. We are getting closer to beta state.

Version 0.6 - 6/Mar/2005

- Bloxx_News, Bloxx_PhotoNews, Bloxx_Poll, Bloxx_PhotoGallery, BloxxPhoto
updated to use ModuleTemplate;
- Coding standards document created;
- Code cleanup to support the coding standards started;
- Installation/database configuration script;
- Configurable timeout of login cookies;
- Log system;
- Bug correction: use_init_file no longer ignored;
- CSS style now generated to a separate bloxx.css file;
- JavaScript file inclusion now depends on java_script module property;

Posted by Telmo Menezes 2005-03-06

Bloxx Coding Standards updated

Version 1.1 of the Bloxx Coding Standards was released to incorporate some changes suggested on the bloxx-develop mailing list.

Posted by Telmo Menezes 2005-02-23

Bloxx Coding Standards released

The first version of the Bloxx Coding Standards was released and is available for download. These standards should be used by all Bloxx developers.

The purpose of this document is to define one style of programming in PHP that must be used by all Bloxx developers, in order to keep all the code easy to correct, inspect and maintain by all the developers in the Bloxx team.

An effort is being made to make the entire current code base compliant with these standards.

Posted by Telmo Menezes 2005-02-22

Bloxx 0.5 released

This is the 5th alpha release of Bloxx.

Version 0.5 - 17/Fev/2005

- Enums created;
- PhotoNews Module created;
- ModuleTemplate core Module created;
- Bug with install_mods.php corrected (don't try to install directories as modules);
- Backend visual style changed;
- Admin core module now uses ModuleTemplate instead of stylelinks;
- Language bugs corected in Admin core module;
- Removed old deprecated HTTP_*_VARS;
- Changed Bloxx_DBObject::insertWhereCondition() to new API ($field, $op, $value);
- Changed the way used to make a session key;

Posted by Telmo Menezes 2005-02-17

CVS initial import

bloxx version 0.4

Posted by draft 2005-02-02

Bloxx 0.4 released

This is the 4th alpha release of Bloxx.

Version 0.4 - 31/Jan/2005

- Updated the init .bloxx file to contain the backend template;
- Changed module init tag in .bloxx files to [MODULE <name>];

Posted by Telmo Menezes 2005-01-31

Bloxx 0.3 released

This is the third alpha release of Bloxx.


Version 0.3 - 30/Jan/2005

- Backend headerfooter is now a regular Bloxx headerfooter;
- Generic view system;
- Configdata generic view;

Posted by Telmo Menezes 2005-01-30

Bloxx 0.2 released

This is the second alpha release of Bloxx.


Version 0.2 - 25/Jan/2005

- StyleLink filters duplicate entires;
- Only one init file for all modules (.bloxx files in /init);
- Stylelink refers to module by ID, not name;

Posted by Telmo Menezes 2005-01-25

Bloxx 0.1 released

The first alpha release of Bloxx is now available for download. If you would like to join the Bloxx team please contact the project administrator (

Posted by Telmo Menezes 2005-01-24

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