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Blender Support for Orbiter Mesh Files / News: Recent posts

Version 0.5

Version 0.5 is, I hope, a significant update that will address a number of nasty bugs in the script. There are lots of changes to the code, browse the SVN comments for more info. Basically it should be working better than before, with normals, textures and orientation issue all sorted out.

It should also work with Blender 2.45...

I apologise in advance for not getting all of the documentation up to date, but it shouldn't be too far off the mark.

Posted by samtheeagle 2008-04-15

Switched to SVN

After a very long period of inactivity I've regained my interest in developing this script! My first job was to migrate the code from the CVS system to SVN.

Posted by samtheeagle 2007-10-27

Version 0.4.2 released

A minor release to provide support for Blender 2.42

Posted by samtheeagle 2006-07-20

Version 0.4.2 is on its way!

With the release of Blender 2.42 it was brought to my attention that the export script no longer ran :(

Luckily it was a simple fix to get everything back up and running again. The code change has been made, now all I need to do is update the download zip and the official release will be available!

For the time being you can get the latest version of the script via CVS...

Posted by samtheeagle 2006-07-20

Version 0.4.1 bug fix released

This small bug fix release sorts out an issue with the generation of DDS textures which were being created with the red and blue colour elements back to front!

Posted by samtheeagle 2006-04-12

import 0.3 released, featuring texure conversion!

The 0.3 version of the import script has been released!

New features are:
+ automatic texture conversion
+ support for Blender registry (saves GUI settings)

The texture conversion feature is optional, but for it to work, you must download (and for Linux, compile) the DevIL library for your platform at . More thorough instructions are provided with the download.

Posted by Helixhorned 2006-04-11

First release of Orbiter import script!

The first 'blorbiter' version of the import script is out!

Grab it directly here:

Posted by Helixhorned 2006-03-17

Version 0.4 "redux" released!

Well after a few problems with the initial 0.4 release here's the reworked version for you delight and delectation... Everything seems to be in order now, but with one very big caveat!

There is unfortunately an outstanding issue with this script which will cause Blender to crash! :( This occurs when the script is invoked via the scripts window, or from the main Blender File->Export menu.

To avoid this please run the script from a Blender text window. ... read more

Posted by samtheeagle 2006-03-14

Version 0.4 "redux" getting closer.

After significant investigation, loads of testing and a fair few code changes I think we're getting close to being able to release version 0.4 again.

Very great thanks goes to Philipp, Oliver and Jose who have helped me a great deal with the diagnosis and solving of this problem. I really couldn't have done it without them (no really, I couldn't reproduce the bug they had!).

There remains a single instance in which I think the Blender crash is still prevalent, that's when running the script through the scrips window. If you run the script via the text window it works fine. Strange huh? So until I get that sorted out I'm going to stay sat on 0.4 for a little while longer...

Posted by samtheeagle 2006-03-12

Version 0.4 Withdrawn! :(

I'm afraid that I've had a couple of error reports from end users saying that running the script is causing Blender to crash horribly. As such I have made the decision to withdraw this release until such time as I can reproduce the problem myself, and fix it.

Posted by samtheeagle 2006-03-07

Version 0.4 Released!

Well here it is, a brand spanking new version of the Blender to Orbiter Export script. There are loads of changes from 0.3, with significant code re-working and feature additions :)

Top amonst the new features are the GUI, mesh smoothing support and the automatic creation of DDS textures from the texture maps defined in the Blender model!

Posted by samtheeagle 2006-03-05

First release of the Blender to Orbiter export script!

Well here it is at long last...

The zip file contains the 0.3 version of the test script as well as a load of test files that you can use to verify it's functionality quickly and easily.

So what are you waiting for? Go and download it now!

As always, I look forward to getting some feedback on this so I can continue to improve it for the "blorbiter" community :)

Posted by samtheeagle 2006-02-17