possible bug, can anyone repeat this?

  • Ira Abramov

    Ira Abramov - 2002-04-06

    I don't want to open a bug before this is reported reproducable by anyone here. a few moments ago, apt-bot (OPN#debian) was told a factoid that "$HOME is ~", and from that moment on, all factiod requests returned "See ~" and google search returned empty replies, maybe other stuff broke as well. I have no idea if that clobbered the factoids, or how easy was it to fix. your input will be appreciated. I was just about to DL and test the tarball when this happend, now I wonder if I should risk it. if you can recreate this bug please open a report, as I hadn't played with the code yet.

    • Ira Abramov

      Ira Abramov - 2002-04-06

      yup. reproducible.

      "$HOME is ~"
      "$USER is root"

      tried a bunch of stuff. the only way to remove it is to manually take out the lines from the mysql DB. opening a bug report.

    • David

      David - 2003-06-09

      Not reproducible from my end.

      <xk> blootbot: no $HOME is <REPLY> $HOME is ~
      <blootbot> xk: okay
      <xk> blootbot: test?
      <blootbot> Yes, xk, you're still online.
      <xk> blootbot: $home?
      <blootbot> $HOME is ~


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