Only works private.

  • Shadow Code

    Shadow Code - 2003-03-07

    Ok, usually this is just some config mockup.. but..
    in the config file, it IS set to:

    # [str] how the bot should send messages.
    #   PRIVATE     -- reply to private messages only, rejecting public msgs.
    #   DEFAULT     -- reply to public _and_ private queries.
    set talkMethod          DEFAULT

    So.. it SHOULD reply to public _and_ private queries, but it only replies to private queries. Furthermore, it doesnt autojoin channels that have +autojoin, but maybe that IS something in the main config file, gonna check it out.


    • Shadow Code

      Shadow Code - 2003-03-11

      Hmmm. Odd. It sometimes works public, and sometimes privately. It doesn't always set the user mode :-/

    • Shadow Code

      Shadow Code - 2003-05-26

      Hmmm. I found out that with some IRCd's, the end of mOTD isnt detected by net::IRC... So... Try to find an other eventID which marks the 'readyness' of the connection to the IRC server. I used:
      $conn->add_global_handler(255, \&on_endofmotd); # on_connect.
      Which was the lUser event (at least, I think it was). You can add this line with the other handlers in ./src/IRC/ if you're having the same problems.

    • JL Kolpin

      JL Kolpin - 2004-09-30

      I found something interesting the other day which is probably a small bug. Running Unreal 3.2.1 the bot would do the exact same thing until I uploaded a motd file for the server and rehashed.


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