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pgsql bugs, etc

  • Steve Grecni

    Steve Grecni - 2002-10-24

    There's some quite obvious pgsql bugs, that I had to work around (using the cvs version).  Where would I send changes/patches?

    What would it take to get cvs access?  I'd really love to see this project progress and I"d be willing to donate some time to help improve it.  I'm not all that compent in perl's syntax, but I've done a fair amount of c/c++ in college.  I also have a fair amount of php and mysql/postgresql experience, as I program interactive website using php, which I've been doing for the past 3.5 years professionally.

    • David

      David - 2003-06-09

      Send a patch to the project list ( or or to the maintainer (

      the pgsql tables don't seem compatible with the mysql one so they must be copied + fixed. sqlite seems to be fine.


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