taking submissions of fixes?

sasha e.
  • sasha e.

    sasha e. - 2003-04-03

    I've been going through and updating/fixing a few of the modules, and was wondering if you'd want them for submission to CVS (that is, if bloot is still under development...)


    • Shadow Code

      Shadow Code - 2003-05-25

      Hmm. I think that the official developements of Blootbot are quite dead. Maybe you could post the fixes in this thread?

      In fact, do you happen to have a fix for blootbot not auto joining the channels?

    • David

      David - 2003-06-09

      Development is dead because there is nothing else to add other than bug fixes.  I'm willing to accept patches (although expect them to be manually applied/rewritten).

      As for not auto-joining channels, add "+autojoin" under the channel definition. when you add a channel with "+chan" (in DCC CHAT of course), this flag is added automatically, otherwise you have to do it yourself.

      As of the last 1-2months, you can now edit the chan/users file and -HUP the bot and it will reread your changes instead of writing current changes to them, if the timestamp has not been changed.

      Weird, I never knew this forum existed.  Shoot me.


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