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BloGTK 1.1 Released!

The first post 1.0 release of BloGTK is now out! This release fixes several longstanding bugs from 1.0 and adds scripting option for custom tag creation.

Posted by Jay Reding 2005-01-11


BloGTK development has resumed, and the BloGTK website has been given a complete facelift to boot. Check out the new homepage at and keep looking back here for more news about new releases of BloGTK!

Posted by Jay Reding 2005-01-09

BloGTK 1.0 Released!

The milestone 1.0 release of BloGTK is now out in deb and tarball format! This release fixes some outstanding bugs and adds some UI enhancements.

Posted by Jay Reding 2004-04-19

BloGTK 0.96 Released!

The latest bugfix release of BloGTK is now out. 0.96 adds improvements to spellchecking, fixes to the preview system, and several other improvements.

Posted by Jay Reding 2004-03-19

BloGTK 0.95 Is Here!

Having just escaped from its secret underground lab, BloGTK is now rampaging across the countryside. BloGTK now features deadly extended entry fields, diabolical support for even more Movable Type options, as well as numerous bug fixes and new features.

This release leads to a feature freeze for 1.0 and eventual worldwide domination.

Posted by Jay Reding 2004-03-05

BloGTK 0.9-1 Critical Release

There were some major problems with the 0.9 release of BloGTK with the proxies.conf handling code as well as some other issues.

These have been fixed in the subsequent 0.9-1 release, along with some enhancements to UI usability.

It is highly recommended that you upgrade to 0.9-1 if you installed 0.9 (In fact, there's a good chance 0.9 won't work unless you do.)

Posted by Jay Reding 2004-02-16

BloGTK 0.9 Is Here

The latest release of BloGTK, 0.9 codenamed "Neuromancer" has been released. This release features improved UI usability, better handling of accented text, and other improvements and fixes.

Posted by Jay Reding 2004-02-15

BloGTK 0.8-5 Released

BloGTK 0.8-5 is now released for immediate download. The new release adds support for basic HTTP proxies for those using BloGTK behind a corporate or school firewall - making BloGTK the first Linux blog client to offer proxy support.

Posted by Jay Reding 2003-11-19

BloGTK 0.7 Unleashed!

BloGTK 0.7 has now been released, BloGTK is a Python/GTK weblog client for a wide variety of weblogging systems such as Blogger or Movable Type. BloGTK supports multiple blog accounts, HTML preview, unlimited custom tags, and offline post saving and editing. BloGTK will also give you fresher breath and a whiter smile... it's even recommended by 4 out of 5 imaginary dentists.

Posted by Jay Reding 2003-10-02

BloGTK 0.6 Released!

Version 0.6 of the PyGTK weblog client BloGTK is now out and available through Sourceforge.

BloGTK is a graphical weblog management tool featuring easy HTML entry tools, unlimited custom tags, and offline post editing.

BloGTK supports a wide variety of blogging systems including Blogger, Movable Type, B2, Drupal, TypePad, and more.

BloGTK is available for Linux, BSD, and any platform with support for Python, GTK, and PyGTK.

Posted by Jay Reding 2003-09-18

BloGTK 0.3 Released

BloGTK 0.3 codenamed "Idoru" has now been released.

Features of this release include the ability to change editor fonts and enhanced error-checking.

Posted by Jay Reding 2003-08-11

BloGTK 0.2-6 Critical Release

BloGTK 0.2-6 is now released, fixing several critical issues. It is recommended that users who have had problems with previous versions download this latest release.

Posted by Jay Reding 2003-08-10

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