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BLOG:CMS 4.1 released

* new support for Lite for BLOG:CMS WYSIWYG XHTML 1.1 editor
* (WYSIWYG editor) updated to release 2.3
* update Dokuwiki to the latest release (2006-03-09b)
* deleted (now useless) NP_SEO plugin due possible XSS exploit
* fixed SQLite installation bug for NP_WYSIWYG plugin

Posted by rADo 2006-07-01

BLOG:CMS 3.6 released

BLOG:CMS 3.6 includes many bugfixes, mainly for multiple blogs and FancuURLs handling, as reported on forums, added Spanish language file to BLOG:CMS core libs, and a new release of NP_PostMan plugin for publishing via email/MMS.

Posted by rADo 2005-02-22