#45 Publishing posts

Misc (25)

Users should be able to publish posts after they've
been posted. Currently, with version 0.4, if you post
an entry, then you try to click the "Post and Publish"
button, it returns a dialog box stating "No text
entered". The only apparent way to publish such posts
is to go to Blogger.com, log in, and publish from
there. Which sort of defeats the whole purpose of
posting to your blog through a local app instead of
through the site, don't you think?

I would also like to see a feature which allows you to
view your posts and edit them, just like the website
does. Perhaps it is something that could be
integrated into the Update feature under the General
Settings. Maybe it could be done that when you update
and get a listing of your blogs, you can choose a
specific blog to download, where it then gets that
entire blog's entries so you can see them right here
in the app.


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