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#14 link option doesn't appear to work


BlogBuddy's a great idea, and the bold, italics and
underline links post and publish just fine.
Unfortunately, though, I can't get the hyperlink
option to work right in IE 5.5.

I'm not web jock, but looking at the html code that is
generated by BlogBuddy, it appears that the "title"
attribute may be the culprit.

For example, this code appears fine in the browser:
<a href="URL">This works.</a> but this code generated
by BlogBuddy doesn't appear at all: <a href="URL"
title="This doesn't work"></a>


  • Sigfus R Oddsson

    Logged In: YES

    This is not a bug. The title is an attribute and applies to
    the link in general. The title is implemented as
    a 'floating tip' when the mouse is held over the link for a
    short time.

    Therefore, the two are equal; <a href="url">This works</a>
    and <a href="url" title="Hello world">This doesn't
    work</a>. The difference is that in the latter case,
    holding the mouse over the This doesn't work text will
    display a small tool tip saying "Hello world".

  • Sigfus R Oddsson

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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Thanks for the explanation, Sigfus. I understand now and
    will keep this tool tip in mind when using BlogBuddy.


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