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BlockSSHd Version 1.3 Released!

BlockSSHD v1.3 - June 27 2008
- Removed IPv6 support

BlockSSHD v1.2 - August 9 2007
- Added new init script
- Changed default blocking list location to /etc
- Documentation fixes

Posted by James Turnbull 2008-06-27

BlockSSHd Version 1.1 Released!

BlockSSHD v1.1 - April 4 2007
- Fixed weird ^Ms in files
- Added Anton's WHOIS functino to blocking emails
- If restore block function is off then remove log file to ensure old
IPS are not accidently applied
- If restore block function is on then automatically create log file

Posted by James Turnbull 2007-04-27

BlockSSHd Version 1.0.1 Released!

BlockSSHD v1.0.1 - March 4 2007
- Minor fix to correct an error with the unblocking function (thanks
to David Kozinn for reporting it)

Posted by James Turnbull 2007-03-04

BlockSSHd Version 1.0 released!

BlockSSHD v1.0 - November 8 2006
- Added support for subnets in whitelist (thanks to Lester Hightower for this)
- Minor changes to spec files

Posted by James Turnbull 2006-11-12

BlockSSHD version 0.9 released!

BlockSSHD v0.9 - September 26 2006
- Fixed init script binary location
- Fixed minor documentation errors
- Fixed spec file errors - including adding conf file installation
(Thanks to Samuel Granjeaud for reporting these bugs)

Posted by James Turnbull 2006-09-27

BlockSSHd Version 0.8 released

BlockSSHD v0.8 - August 30 2006
- Removed requirement for Prod::PID::File CPAN module
- Removed requirement for Prod::Daemon CPAN module
- Fixed Makefile error with --wildcards tar option

Posted by James Turnbull 2006-09-18

BlockSSHD version 0.7 released!

Version 0.7 of BlockSSHD has been released.

The changelog is below:

- Changed unblock function. When unblocking is enabled then the unblock process will both remove the blocked IP address from the firewall but also remove it from the log file
- Added RPM/SRPM packages
- Updated distribution mechanism to support RPMs
- Fixed restore blocked function to use alternate file handle

Posted by James Turnbull 2006-07-30

BlockSSHD version 0.6 released!

This new release supports BSD and pf firewalls and corrects some minor bugs.

Posted by James Turnbull 2006-07-19

Subversion repository enabled

The project's Subversion repository has been enabled. Pre-release updates will be uploaded into this repository.

Posted by James Turnbull 2006-07-17

BlockSSHD version 0.5 released!

BlockSSHD protects computers from SSH brute force attacks by dynamically blocking IP addresses by adding iptables rules.

BlockSSHD v0.5 - July 12 2006
- Fixed regular expression bug introduced in v0.4

You can download BlockSSHD from here:

Posted by James Turnbull 2006-07-13

BlockSSHD version 0.4 released!

Updated regular expressions to support Debian sid and added support for DropBear SSHd. DropBear runs on Linux-based embedded devices.

Posted by James Turnbull 2006-06-17

BlockSSHD version 0.3 released!

BlockSSHD v0.3 - Apr 6 2006

- Added additional regular expressions for matching failures on Debian, SuSE and Red Hat

Posted by James Turnbull 2006-04-22

BlockSSHD Version 0.2 Released!

Added an unblock function that removes blocked IP addresses after a user defined period.

This release also:

- Fixes a number of minor issues with signals and exit handling
- Includes updates to documentation
- General overall code improvements

Posted by James Turnbull 2006-04-05

BlockSSHD first release

The first release, version 0.1, of BlockSSHD has been released.

Posted by James Turnbull 2006-04-01