Well, could you pls tell me as to why blob needs the Linux kernel headers?
I want to know because here, I have a configured Linux kernel source tree without
the *.c files of the configured kernel.I have the *.h files though and all the makefiles etc. too
with me.

When I try to configure and compile the blob with this kernel source tree (without the *.c files)
the configuration seems to be successful but at the gmake stage i get an error output which says
"Nothing to do for 'all' " and stops.

Could someone pls let me know what the problem is and why blob needs the kernel headers?

Thank You

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>> Hallo All !!!
>> Could someone pls clarify as to why the linux kernel
>> source path is required for compiling 'blob'?
>> I suppose the bootloader is a stand-alone program and
>> should not have anything to do
>> with the kernel source tree on my development machine
>> when im cross-compiling.

Blob (unfortunately) uses the kernel headers.  You are correct that this is
not the best idea, not only for the reasons you mention but also because the
kernel headers change from time to time.