Hallo All !

May be this is a simple doubt but I would be glad to someone could help me.
I read the "porting.txt" file that comes with blob but the instructions therein didnt help me completely.
I tried the instructons in README file too but even then I wasnt successful.May be Im missing something vital.
Could someone please help.

First of all,I would like to know whether the source path mentioned in blob instructions
is blob source path or the linux kernel source path?I have a feeling that kernel source path
need not be required but i dont know.And, if in case it is kernel source path, is it the host x86 Linux source path
or the SA-1110 Linux kernel source path?Could someone please clarify.

And can someone please give me a step-by-step guidelines to do this.
My environment is as below:

Im cross-compiling blob on a host x86 machine for SA-1110/Linux(ARM), LART.
My blob folder path is: home/sridhar/blob-2.0.5-pre2 with all subfolders and files in it.
I followed the instructions in "porting.txt" but seem to falter after that.

What do i do from here?

Thanks in Advance