Thank you.I take your suggestion.
But,i would like to add that my aim is to port not just applications
but also any linux flavour to any custom board.that is why i intend to start with 'blob' bootloader
for my SA-1110 this approach right?

PS: I missed mentioning this point in my earlier mail.

Nevertheless, thanks once again for guiding me.


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On Tue, 2003-09-09 at 23:14, Yamijala Sridhar wrote:
> Thank you Russ for your prompt response.
> Well, yes, I will try to be more specific this time.
> Im a newcomer to Linux based custom board development and am currently
> involved in efforts to build competency in this domain.
> I am aware of the basic Linux commands.But, my interest isnt in
> application development.
> Rather, i want to concentrate on the core stuff that makes porting
> applications to different
> platforms easier and on device driver development.

if you want to "port" applications, then why are you looking at blob, 99
times out of 100, an application will work under linux, regardless of

> So i wanted to start off with the 'blob' first...the board im using is
> SA-1110 based board.

what board?

> Could you pls guide me as to how to proceed to understand 'blob'
> completely.

did you read the README?

> Start with what? the entire sequence of files to grep to reach the
> stage where the Linux kernel starts,
> and also the documents that i need to refer to do this.

If thats what you want to know, but really, you want to look at the
blob-start stuff. The blob-rest stuff is mainly utilities and such,
although there is stuff in there for setting kernel paramaters and
jumping to the kernel once it is loaded into ram

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