Hi, guys

I am ultilizing blitz++ as my internal data structure in a C++ application polyorder. Blitz++ is great, I really love using it. However, I also encounter some inconvenient cases.

1. the assignment operator of blitz::Array
Say, I have a class A which has a member _data. The synthesized copy constructor works fine. But the synthesized assignment operator will fail, since the assignment operator does not work as expected. The following code

blitz::Array<double,3> A(3,3,3);
A = 1.0;
blitz::Array<double,3> B(A); // this is fine
blitz::Array<double,3> C;
C = A; // Bang! This fails. C is empty!

In any rate, the last line should assign C with A whatever the size C is. If C's shape is different than A, then blitz should reshape C internally and then adopt the data from A.

2. blitz::product should work for blitz::TinyVector * blitz::TinyMatrix
Currently, only

blitz::product(blitz::TinyMatrix, blitz::TinyVector) 

is implemented. However, it is equally common to compute the product

blitz::product(blitz::TinyVector, blitz::TinyMatrix)

Now blitz::TinyVector should be considered as a row vector rather than a column vector. 


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