Vera - 2013-02-20


we are using blitz++ for one of our Projects and are deeply content with its performance - once you get accustomed to the style. Now we updated the library from version 0.9 to version 0.10 and found the following problems:

+ #include "blitz/vecor.h" changed to #include "blitz/vector2.h"
we could fix that by setting a link from vector.h to vector2.h in the blitz-library

+ the blitz::find() function would not work anymore for a call like:
_  Array<int,2> A2,2);
  Array<TinyVector<int,2>,1> indices;

  A = 1, 2,
         1, 2;

blitz::find(indices, A>1); _

we had to change the call to:
Array<bool,2> A_bool(A > 1);
find(indices, A_bool);

Is this a known problem? Is there another way to fix it, so that changes in the source-code can be avoided?

Best regards,