#19 Subject header encoding


I am trying to use blat to upload my received spam by
mailing to the moderation address of the newsgroup
news.admin.net-abuse.sightings . My problem is:
whenever there's 8 bit characters in the subject header,
the subject header gets base64 encoded by blat. The
problem with this encoding is NANAS needs [email]
subject tag in place to accept it. But, the base64
encoding hides the [email] tag, and the email is
droppped by NANAS robo moderation. I can't locate a
switch to disable this. I just need blat to "leave the
subject alone", and just leave the 8 bit characters
alone. Surely 99.9999% of all computers out there are
use 8 bit ascii now, right? Is there a point to encoding


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    hello? anyone here?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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  • Chip

    Chip - 2005-05-13

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    ASCII is only 7-bit, the remaining 8-bit data often
    associated with ASCII is just an extended character set to
    cover many Latin based languages.

    How should software interpret an E0 or a C8, or any other 8
    bit byte? Without knowing the character set that represents
    the data bytes, software cannot interpret the 8-bit data
    correctly. For all the software knows, an E0 could be the
    start of a UTF-8 byte stream, or a Greek letter alpha.

    99.9999% of all computers do not use US ASCII character sets
    exclusively. The percentage is way, way lower than you want
    to believe.



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