A win32 command line eMail tool has [...]

  • Bastien94240

    Bastien94240 - 2011-11-29

    Good morning everybody,
    I have some troubles with my "backup script" since 2days.
    This week end, we had a power failure, and the backup server shut down.
    We restart it the monday morning, but now, our blat command line finished with an error :
    A win32 command line eMail tool has stopped working.

    Our blat command line : "C:\Program Files\blat\blat.exe" "C:\Program Files\blat\message.txt" -s "Backup reporting" -t "admin@mydomain.com" -server "smtp.mydomain.com" -u "smtp@mydomain.com" -pw "mypass" -f "backup@mydomain.com" -attach "c:\Program Files\logs\my_day_log"

    do you see an error with my command line ? I think no, it's work for ~1 year ago.
    Maybe a problem with our smtp server ?

  • Chip

    Chip - 2011-11-30

    I would suggest you download and run the latest version of Blat, which is now at 2.7.6.  This version has a number of fixes for what could be causing your problems.  The latest version is available here at SourceForge.net, and from Yahoo! groups.



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