relay denied problem

  • ronll

    ronll - 2007-11-02

    My isp (Qwest) is setup to require a mail download with password before it will allow a mail upload. As a result I get a relay denial problem. I've talked to qwest and they can't change this, so I need a way in a batch file to download mail first (without removing it from the server) then proceed with my blat mail send. I really don't want to invoke another mail program in the batch file as that creates too many possibilities for errors. Anyone have any ideas?

    • namtog

      namtog - 2007-11-03


      Blat has the capability to do a POP3 login;

      -pu <username>  : username for POP3 LOGIN (use with -ppw)
      -ppw <password> : password for POP3 LOGIN (use with -pu)

      If that doesn't work try GetMail;

      Call it from your batch script first. I know you
      don't want to use another program but if the POP3
      login doesn't work you have few alternatives.

      If you can use a Perl script I can give you a example
      to download your mail. But I believe GetMail is
      more reliable.

      GetMail is supported here, it is a sister program
      of Blat.



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