error winsock 10065 using a NT server

  • Paulo

    Paulo - 2007-05-31

    I using the blat v2.62 in windows NT server.
    But i´m having winsock error and open Dr. Watson too.
    I´m using this command line:
    blat text.txt -to -server -port 25 -f -u -pw pass
    Can anywhone help me

    • namtog

      namtog - 2007-05-31

      Greetings Paulo (psctec),

      Let's take a look at the command line.
      I'll list them on separate lines for clarity.

      blat -- OK so far!
      text.txt -- Ok if file exists
      -to -- Sounds good
      -server -- Looks suspect,
      you are using a POP server and than set
      the port to 25, a SMTP default
      -port 25 -- If it's POP the port would be
      110 No need to use -port if you can use the
      default for type of connection.
      -f -- OK
      -u  -- This is for SMTP AUTH
      -pw pass -- This is for SMTP AUTH

      If you need to do a POP3 login check syntax.txt
      that comes with the Blat download and you will find;

      -pu <username>  : username for POP3 LOGIN (use with -ppw)
      -ppw <password> : password for POP3 LOGIN (use with -pu)

      The first thing I would change is -server to;

      The login info can be found in your email client
      or on your ISP's web site.

      Mail PassView is a cool tool for login info;


    • Paulo

      Paulo - 2007-06-01

      Hi Namtog,
      Thanks for your help.
      I change to
      But the error persists.
      He open the Dr Watson acess violation (0xc0000005) Address (0x77f64d8a).
      Doesn´t have that to install or to configure nothing so that winsock work?
      Windows NT 4 server without IIS or add-ons packs work?

    • namtog

      namtog - 2007-06-01


      I have a small tool that may be of help
      to you. NBI, read about it here;

      Download it from here;

      It has a few examples to help you do a Blat
      install and then send a test email or two.

      Blat usually has everything it needs. It doesn't
      depend on IIs. I don't use IIs but I here it has
      it's own MTA built in.

      You can install Blat from the prompt. It needs
      to be set up the same as your email client for
      outgoing mail.

      This can be easier than sending everything from
      the command line. At least your send string will
      be smaller.

      Was Mail PassView of any help? Did  it show the
      SMTP server info?


    • Paulo

      Paulo - 2007-06-12

      Thanks for your help.
      Using the NBI in my local machine works fine.
      But when i use he in the windowsNT i have one a "page cannot be found", on status bar i see this address:
      This windowsNT don´t have IIs installed, i test in other nt and the blat works fine.
      Can you help me?


    • namtog

      namtog - 2007-06-12


      First I'm happy to hear that NBI has
      been of some help to you. It's more
      of a instructional tool than a production

      When you run NBI it, hopefully, will give
      you a better understanding of the relationship
      between Blat and it's command line install

      I don't enjoy building traditional GUI's

      So I use a custom browser control and a portable
      version of the Apache web server. When you get
      a "page cannot be found" try right clicking
      on the page and than click "refresh".

      NBI relies on the core IE elements to work.
      If the troublesome machine doesn't have the
      browser installed on it NBI might not work.

      Even if you don't get NBI to work you can still
      do a command line Blat install. If your machines
      are on the same network the -install or
      -SaveSettings values will be the same.

      Hope this clears up a few things for you.



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