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Gavin Joye
  • Gavin Joye

    Gavin Joye - 2008-02-18

    How come blind carbon copy isn't working for me?

    i think it WAS working, never changed anything, and it suddenly stopped working.
    i have two scripts, one for emailing, one for text messages.  oddly, the text message script DOES work with -bcc and the emailer one does not.   the code is exactly the same, no typos.
    everything works with the script except for the -bcc (so emailing works and all the parameters are good).

    any ideas?

    the only thing i could think of is that the -bcc was getting blocked by our web server before it could send it.  but then how come the text message version DOES bcc?  arrrgh.

    teststring= -tf files\mailtemp.ini -bcc -s Urgent -attachi files\temp.ini -f %emailadd%

    i removed the smpt settings for obvious reasons :P
    and remember, i have a textmessage version of this that DOES i doubt it's the code.

    • Gavin Joye

      Gavin Joye - 2008-02-18

      nevermind, it is working...
      the reason i thought it wasn't was because the bcc was an address that forwards the email to my email address.  the TO address was my email.  so technically i SHOULD have gotten 2 emails: 1 from the script, 1 from the forward.  for some reason i only get 1 email.  i changed the TO email to a different email, not the forward one, and the bcc forwarded the email to my address...
      it was all just weird.  :O

      i would delete this thread but i didn't see anywhere where i could.


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