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IRC channel archive available

We now have a log-bot that's hanging aroung in the BlaM! project IRC-channel #blam. The archive of that bot is available at .

That should help to avoid missing interesting spontaneous discussions within the channel - if you didn't have the chance to look inside the channel for some time, you can see what you probably missed in the archive.

The archive for #blam is public - it can be accessed by anyone without username/password. Please be aware of that fact when using the IRC channel.... read more

Posted by Michael Renzmann 2003-11-28

IRC channel is up

In addition to the mailing lists I've set up the channel #blam in Freenode ( ). Feel free to drop in for a chat :)

The channel is meant to be another resource for brainstorming sessions and discussions. In other words: #blam is an addition to and not a replacement for the mailing lists.

Posted by Michael Renzmann 2003-11-14

Website finished

I've just finished the website. Hopefully we now have enough information online to give an idea what blam is all about.

I think we now can head over to the "brain acquiration phase" :)
Which only means: let the community know about the project and try to find others who might be interested to join.

Posted by Michael Renzmann 2003-11-14