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This is a Blackjack Game based on Java (AWT) thus it runs on any platform where there's a Java VM. The game uses the SVG-Cards by David Bellot: http://svg-cards.sourceforge.net/

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  • Sea Mac

    Sea Mac - 2014-03-13

    Gameplay Graphics are 100% - 5 stars.

    But the Card dealing is ALL messed up: APPARENTLY each card is selected at random from all 52 cards for every card on every play. I got TWO Queens of Spades - side by side - in one of my hands! (Took a screen shot of THAT!)

    No attempt to form a randomized deck and deal from it, in order, until the last 5 cards - then reshuffle ... so the ODDS are ALL wrong: and if you attempt to card count you will be disappointed.

    No place to file bug reports and your home site is down too.
    I hate to post this in a Wiki because you don't know what a bug tracker is ....


    • Metallic Entertainment

      Well, you're partially right.
      Actually, in my implementation, a card can not be taken twice. The reason why you can get two identical cards is, that this game uses 6 decks instead of just one.

      But: Taking a card in this case does not mean removing it from some sort of a list. Instead, all cards are organized in one big array and just a given_away flag is set for each card, which is being resetted every round. When a card is being taken, a random card is selected, that does not have given_away set to true.
      So, in reality, this would correspond to basically shuffling the cards each round, which means card counting is actually impossible.

      If I would program this game now, I would probably do many things differently, but this was just a fun project I did during my IT lessons in school years ago, so total correctness was not my highest priority ;-)

  • Sea Mac

    Sea Mac - 2014-12-14

    Oh, 6 Decks!!!

    But I don't know anybody who riffle shuffles 6 decks together every hand! (I'd like to WATCH That!!)

    But your graphics are the best of any open source blackjack project ... rivaling many commercial products! (Think "Hoyle Card Games")

    If you just rebuilt the dealing routine you'd have binaries flying off the shelf .... I think you'd have a contender for #1 Blackjack game over at tech support alert dot com . (That'd put you on the map!)

    You keep up the good work. I like it even if it Does Cheat.

    PS set the deck down from six to one (IE 52 unique cards) and it won't matter if it uses a brand new deck each round: the cards will never duplicate - like they can now. Shorten your array to a sixth of its size, and let it pick from 52 new cards each new hand, and as far as I'm concerned it is "Fixed". Seems like you might be able to get away with just changing the sizes of the arrays in the initialization call and have it working fine.

    I'm a bit of a programmer, and a general all-round propeller-head too. I never criticize if I can offer constructive suggestions instead.


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