#218 0.65.0 and bzflag

Behaviour (212)

The OpenGL bzflag in default mode opens a full
screen unadorned window over everything else
on the desktop (foreground). blackbox 0.65.0 (from the
Mandrake rpm) does not deliver keyboard events to
this window. According to Jon Trulson at xig:

"without the -window paramater, bzflag will go
fullscreen with a 'redirect override' window - meaning
the WM is supposed to ignore the window (no

However, it does NOT mean that the WM shouldn't deliver
keyboard events, and blackbox doesn't, at least to this
If bzflag is run with -window -geometry 800x600 it
comes up in an adorned window and then blackbox does
deliver keyboard events and the game runs correctly.

On the same system bzflag ran correctly in full screen
mode under kde, gnome and iceWM.


  • Bradley T. Hughes

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    • milestone: --> 0.65.x
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  • Bradley T. Hughes

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    If the application is using an override-redirect window, then it is up to
    that application to ensure that it gets in keyboard focus; it is *not* the
    job of the window manager. From the inter-client communication
    conventions manual (ICCCM), section 4.1.10:
    The user will not be able to move, resize, restak, or transfer the input
    focus to override-redirect window, since the window manager is not
    managing them. If if is necessary for a client to receiver keystrokes on
    an override-redirect window, ether the client must grab the keyboard, or
    the client must have another top-level window that is not
    override-redirect and that has selected the Locally Active or Globally
    Active focus model. The client may set the focus to the override-redirect
    window when the other (managed) window receives a WM_TAKE_FOCUS
    message or one of the events listed in section 4.1.7 in the description of
    the Globally Active focus model.

  • Bradley T. Hughes

    • status: open-wont-fix --> closed-wont-fix
  • Ed Anderson

    Ed Anderson - 2004-09-10

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    I really think this should be fixed, at least in another
    release. I had this problem before and didn't realize it
    was a blackbox-specific problem.

  • Bradley T. Hughes

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    this is not something that can be fixed in the window manager, the
    application needs to be fixed... as I quoted before, it is the client's job
    to ensure that override-redirect windows get keyboard focus

  • Ed Anderson

    Ed Anderson - 2004-09-12

    Logged In: YES

    I submitted this as a bug to the BZFlag project


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