#165 misleading section in man page implies users can edit rc


How come my .blackboxrc file's slit configuration
always got restore after I change it and restarted the

did I miss anything?
I have changed the startup script to blacibox -rc
but this doesn't fix the problem...

please help!


  • Sean 'Shaleh' Perry

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    currently, you can not edit the Blackbox rc while you are
    running the window manager. You must exit Blackbox, make
    your changes, and start it fresh.

    However, the slit can be manipulated from within the window
    manager by simply right clicking it. You will get a
    configuration menu and can change its orientation and placement.

    I am moving this over to Support since this is not a bug.

    If I have missed something, please provide more information
    (like the version of blackbox).

  • Sean 'Shaleh' Perry

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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I am using Blackbox 0.65 stable build on Mandrake
    distribution 9.1.
    I believed I have tried your suggestion already. I think it
    is my own problem but I still need some help and really
    appreciated this =]

    However I have observed from my 1st time starting Blackbox,
    the .blackbox.rc file does not exists... after I have exit
    or configure something, then the .blackbox.rc file would create.

    Meanwhile, how can I turn on the debug mode of Blackbox? And
    is there any log that I can look for to see what is
    happening while starting up?

  • Sean 'Shaleh' Perry

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    yes, ~/.blackboxrc is created the first time you exit or
    restart Blackbox.

    There is no debug mode for Blackbox currently. Some
    information is printed to the console it was started on
    (under xdm or similar look for ~/.xsession-errors).

    What is misbehaving that you would like to see debug
    information for? We are interested in making things easier
    for users to understand and diagnose so any feedback here
    would be welcomed.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    The information about exting blackbox and edit the
    ~/.blackboxrc can work around this problem.

    However, from the documentation of "man blackbo"x, it says
    blackbox needs to be restart to store/write any configuration
    modification such as style, toolbar... etc.

    Maybe I have misinterprete the documentation. But only
    partial configuration modification can be stored after "restart"
    blackbox... this is here gets confuse.

    Thanks for the kindless support. This is much better than
    high licensing costs OS supports.

  • Sean 'Shaleh' Perry

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    the man page is definately incorrect. Thank you for
    pointing this out. I will move this back to the bug section
    and list it as a doc bug. Thaks.

  • Sean 'Shaleh' Perry

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  • Sean 'Shaleh' Perry

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    • summary: .blackboxrc's slit configuration fields always got restored. --> misleading section in man page implies users can edit rc
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  • Bradley T. Hughes

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  • Bradley T. Hughes

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    0.65.x isn't being maintained, newer versions *do* allow the
    rc to be edited while blackbox is running... i'm closing this


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