#164 Unnamed window (frame) left behind by some apps

Behaviour (212)
Matt Mills

Personally I have only experienced this (once) with
Gaim, but others on the mailing list have mentioned
ROX-Filer also.

I exited Gaim via File->Exit. It left behind a
transparent window (so basically just a frame) titled
'Unnamed'. Passing things over it leaves a ghosted
image within the window. Iconifying and uniconifying
the window removes any ghosted images within it. It
also seems to mess up focusing. I'm using click to
focus. While the Unnamed window is uniconified, it is
difficult (but not impossible) to cause any window to
have a highlighted titlebar, as if it were active (but
they can still inherit focus, regardless).


  • Matt Mills

    Matt Mills - 2003-04-16
    • summary: Unnammed window (frame) left behind by some apps --> Unnamed window (frame) left behind by some apps
  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    i have the same thing happen with gaim [it happens sometimes
    when i exit the app]. but i figured it was a problem with
    gaim, not blackbox.

  • Bradley T. Hughes

    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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