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WASTE : 2018.02.13.3-x.1.8-x-eyeCandy-RC6...

WASTE has been receiving much improved connection semiotics. Connections are smarter than they were.
WASTE has now been designed to try and connect for up to 2 months before giving up its window on the network. It will then revert to initial conditions.
This makes it much more resilient. It will be very patient and whisper at the network.
WASTE will now prevent users from making mistakes when adding addresses. Such as trying to connect to a local address over Tor. Or an onion address over IPv4.... read more

Posted by grub 6 days ago

6.2018.03 arrives... WASTE... 1.8 RC1 Build 40...

A new version is available, with WASTE updated to RC1 status.
Bugs crushed. Edges polished.

Posted by grub 2018-02-08

WASTE... 1.8 Beta Build 40 follows soon...

We are still spending a significant amount of time with the WASTE code-base.
It benefits greatly from simple re-engineering tasks.

1.8 Beta Build 40 is actively being worked on as this post is written.

The networking layer has seen significant reduction in code complexity, as the code is moved much closer to Object Oriented.
WASTE was written old-style win32 using C and C++ in some parts as procedural.
We've left the win32 code in place, but extended the code to OO where useful to do so.
That is partly where the file- transfer speed increase came from.... read more

Posted by grub 2018-01-31

Change Log - 6.2018.02

• WASTE : Updated to 1.8 Beta Build 39. Bugfixes.
.....WASTE has now been re-engineered for high performance transfers. Both over IPv4 and over Tor.
......WASTE can now saturate a 20MBit connection in IPv4 mode. It also values Tor Onion addresses over IPv4 addresses.
• MicroSip : Updated 3.16.x. Conferencing is now enabled in MicroSip for Video Calls.
• Tor : Updated to

Posted by grub 2018-01-28

All new... Firefox 57+ - MicroSip 3.16.x - WASTE 1.8 beta38 - Tor


We are imminently releasing a new version.

Tor : has been updated.
WASTE:: has been updated. File transfers are more reliable now.
Tor Firefox Profile:a new FF57+ profile is on offer in the main suite. PreFF57 is also available.
MicroSip: has been updated to 3.16.x. We've added convenient start options and ensure it works, out of the box.

We've also re-engineered the uPnP library. It should be far more quiet in operation.... read more

Posted by grub 2017-12-06

Interesting turn of events...

Firstly, we ship the code that is in use when you install this software.
If we are not trusted, you are at liberty to build from source - once you have checked the source code.

We have been very frustrated recently. We thought our software was being used for very nefarious purposes and got very very nervous about this. We are now not too sure. In any case - the code as it is used - is shipped with the product.... read more

Posted by grub 2017-09-18

Resumption of BIOS node service

We have re-enabled the BIOS nodes so people can access the network again.
Please refrain from publicly sharing Pornographic Material of ANY nature.

If we get serious reports of mis-use again, including Illegal Firearm Aquisition, Lethal Services for Hire or anything remotely approaching this level of insanity we will pull the network without warning.

We apologise for this draconian behaviour. We are human too. We have limits.

Posted by grub 2017-09-09

Misuse of this Technology...

We have issued a STERN WARNING about the mis-use of this technology.
Peoples lives are at risk and this is a SERIOUS matter of concern.

For this reason we will discontinue distribution of this software.

If you think this is a joke, I can assure you it is NOT.

Posted by grub 2017-08-24

6.2017.09 - Tor Updated to

Hello Community,

There is a new release ready and waiting for you.
This release is to keep pace with the Tor development community.

You may be receiving messages that you are on an old Tor version.

Please upgrade to this version when you can.

We thank you for your continued support. We always strive to serve you better.
Comments welcome.

Posted by grub 2017-08-08

6.2017.06 and Firefox 57 - a new release is imminent.

Hello Users,

We are due to release a new version of the Product.
This one will have the latest Tor version within it.
It will also have fine tuning to Tor Hidden Service Compatibility (Onion Addressing), for WASTE.
As you know, you can now connect WASTE to Tor Hidden Services for increased privacy.

We, like others, are getting a little nervous about Firefox 57. Initially we were thinking this would mark the end of the project. That is still possible. We'll see what can be done.... read more

Posted by grub 2017-05-19

2017.01 - Release

Hi Users,

We have recently released 2017.01. We hope you enjoy the new release.

Most of this months release involved reviewing the WASTE network code again. Small changes came about as a result.

WASTE :::: Updated to 1.8 beta – build 34. Public Keys can now be distributed to a single
user, negating the need to use any broadcast modes. This will improve privacy.
There will be a drop to almost zero of broadcast keys and they will exist in less places.
Broadcast Key mode is now disabled by default. When you generate a unique key, and
you should, you can now right-click the BIOS node and choose ‘Send Public Key to
user’. That then secures you. Only the BIOS nodes will know your key. You can
also use this mechanism to enable secure chats to individual users. You send your
key to them directly, right-click them and ‘Send Public Key to user’.... read more

Posted by grub 2017-01-02

2016.12 Point Releases. ALL WASTE users please download and use latest Point Release.

This months point releases are dedicated to WASTE. Work is underway to resolve bugs that have manifest. A new server mode has been introduced. This will prevent WASTE connecting out. All BIOS nodes operate in this mode now. Its a long overdue feature. More may be consider for 'Server Mode' over time.

ALL WASTE users are urged to keep an eye and then download the point releases.
ALL non-WASTE users should not be overly concerned with this months point releases. It is only WASTE that is being worked on.... read more

Posted by grub 2016-12-06

WASTE 1.8 beta – build 33

There has been a significant amount of work in the 33 release of WASTE.
The networking kernel was placed under close scrutiny. We found elements in the networking layer that could make WASTE traffic 'bursty'. It also generates an orderly noise on the network.

An attempt has been made to change this behaviour. Connections are more carefully and rigorously considered for use in the networking layer. Once they are useful, WASTE will work harder to keep them in the pool. ... read more

Posted by grub 2016-11-30

BlackBelt Privacy 6.2016.12

A new release is imminent. Its going through final testing.

There are many changes, improvements over new function. These are detailed in the change log.

There has been a marked up-tick in code downloads. For this reason and others, we have decided to ship the source code with each installation.

• WASTE : Updated to 1.8 beta – build 33. File Transfer Threads. Increase
performance of transfers. Networking re-work. WASTE could leak ‘intent’, via DNS
during non-active connection handling. Now removed.
• MicroSIP : Presence handling bugs fixed. PJSip updated to 2.5.5.
• Installer : Options clarified. For browsing use the Client Install Profile. For serving
use the Bridge or Relay Profiles. Never both at the same time.
• uPnP : Improvements to speed of initialization, operation.
• OpenSSL: Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.2j.
• Firefox Profile: Firefox Integration improved. The installer will now restore any
profiles it finds

Posted by grub 2016-11-29

BlackBelt Privacy 6.2016.10 - what on earth are they doing...

Why 6.2016.10 ?
Open SSL and Tor are entering an interesting time in terms of changes. We need to keep abreast of this change.

To that end we are likely to require 2 months to research Tor It introduces some interesting changes. So too OpenSSL as v1.1.0. This is a lot to consume by the team.

Principle amongst which is requiring a new Tool Chain for OpenSSL, which needs to be plugged into Fractal Curve, our integrated develop, build, test and release environment.... read more

Posted by grub 2016-09-02

BlackBelt Privacy 6.2016.07

Dear Users,

Please upgrade to the new version as soon as possible.
We have changed the way we handle profiles in this version. Integrating into 4 Firefox Derivatives, 32bit an 64bit has proved extremely difficullt, but the team have achieved this using the new technique.

Pale Moon is the latest Firefox derivative that we now integrate into. We do urge you check the extensions are installed correctly, by viewing them in the Firefox derivatives extension manager. Palemoon at version 26.2.2 does seem to be less friendly to the extension set than other derivatives.... read more

Posted by grub 2016-06-18

Firefox Profiles

Thank you to a reviewer who pointed out that profile corruption could be happening.
We are sorry that this may have been the experience for some users.

The affected version is 6.3016.04. Please avoid uninstalling this verision. If you have this version installed, please upgrade to 6.2016.05. We do urge users to run the latest version.

We have tested this with Firefox, Waterfox and Cyberfox. It appears to be working now.... read more

Posted by grub 2016-05-15

Integration into Firefox and Cyberfox

Hi Users,

We are completing final testing of integration into Cyberfox.
The latest beta release has been placed as the main download as we are finally confident that this is working.
If for any reason it is not - please come to the WASTE nulnet and report it to a BIOS operator or contact us here.

Thank you.

Posted by grub 2016-01-18

Integration into Firefox and Cyberfox 64bit

Hi Users,

We are still testing and completing integration into Cyberfox 32/64.
The new version 6.2016.01.2 integrates fully into 32bit versions of Firefox and Cyberfox browsers.

64bit support for Cyberfox is limited at present. It works, but the desktop shortcut fails.

We are working to address this.

Posted by grub 2016-01-16

CyberFox Integration coming soon...

Hi Users,

Someone brought the CyberFox Product to our attention.
We liked what we saw and thriving on feedback from our users we hvae decided to cater to CyberFox users.

Expect a version coming soon that integrates into CyberFox.

Posted by grub 2016-01-16

6.2016.01.1 - Beta Release

This release sees the return of Pluggable Transports. Initially Obfs 2/3 and 4 are catered for. Our work is heavily linked to feedback and it was feedback that forced us to return them to the product. We may consider other PT's.
This pushes the download towards the 25mb mark as a by-product.

We also had reports that MicroSip was not running on some (admittedly seriously cut-down) versions of Windows XP. To combat this we also now ship the Visual C++ 2008 runtime that is automatically installed for users with Windows XP. This should happen silently for you. Windows XP users should encounter a seemless experience now. We would like to thank the anonymous user that brought it to our attention.... read more

Posted by grub 2016-01-07

2016 Beta

Dear Users,

Please accept our apologies for pulling the beta release. It is a beta at present, and at times it is too unstable to ship and at other times bugs are found and we need to pull it.

The reason for this activity is WASTE file transfers are currently being worked on, and networking has been revamped. Some pretty awful bugs have been squashed.

For the technical amongst you, we have been trying to make the file transfer and networking technology in WASTE more object oriented in how its handled. Also, the file send window was storing run-time data and being used as the model for that data. We have changed all this. Now uploads have an accompanying helper object. This object tracks the download for the duration it is running. The reason for this effort is that it enables us to have much improved file resend capability. We have also implemented a resend option for files. Also, the way file transfers are notified to the user has been changed to use a windows notification balloon. This means you can ignore downloads if you wish. They no longer take focus when you are chatting. We can now provide upload and download Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for transfers. We have also changed the way files are tracked at either end. Previously WASTE used positonal information from the actual transfer window to track transfers, again using the User Interface for run-time data. Now transfers have a correlation ID that is randomly generated. This means downloads can be reordered in future on-the-fly for example, It also means transfers are tracked internally individually. This means file cancelling and resuming is more robust. Resume downloads is now more powerful and files will resume downloading provided the source of that download has not cancelled it.... read more

Posted by grub 2015-12-15

August Release

Hi Users,

Its that time again.... a new release.
This one has some significant changes and improvements and enrichments.

As some of you may be aware, all tools within this security pack have been built from source and have been improved, in some areas, significantly. For WASTE and MicroSip a uPnP module has been embedded to aid connectivity for the average home user. Please enable uPnP in your router configuration to gain automatic port forwading for the tools. For Tor we have enabled server shut-down, but still enable client connectivity for more bandwidth conscious users who wish to offer back to the Tor network.... read more

Posted by grub 2015-07-31

Firefox Tor Profile...

Dear Users,

Firefox, as you know, has regular updates now and has had several revisions since we last provided the Firefox Profile.

We have now updated the profile and it will appear in the June 2015 release.

Plugins have been updated in this release and you may be prompted to load previously in use plugins again. We will leave this choice to you.

Thank you.

Posted by grub 2015-05-10

WASTE : WASTE routing...

Dear Users,

We have been perfecting the connection management within WASTE for some time. It has now matured to the point that full 'WASTE routing' is now in effect. What we mean by this is the BIOS nodes will connect parties to a general nullnet. Then the swarm of clients will share their locations for other WASTE users. Then each client will build a map of the network and selectively connect to part of it.... read more

Posted by grub 2015-04-05