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BlackBelt Privacy 6.2016.07

Dear Users,

Please upgrade to the new version as soon as possible.
We have changed the way we handle profiles in this version. Integrating into 4 Firefox Derivatives, 32bit an 64bit has proved extremely difficullt, but the team have achieved this using the new technique.

Pale Moon is the latest Firefox derivative that we now integrate into. We do urge you check the extensions are installed correctly, by viewing them in the Firefox derivatives extension manager. Palemoon at version 26.2.2 does seem to be less friendly to the extension set than other derivatives.... read more

Posted by grub 2016-06-18

Firefox Profiles

Thank you to a reviewer who pointed out that profile corruption could be happening.
We are sorry that this may have been the experience for some users.

The affected version is 6.3016.04. Please avoid uninstalling this verision. If you have this version installed, please upgrade to 6.2016.05. We do urge users to run the latest version.

We have tested this with Firefox, Waterfox and Cyberfox. It appears to be working now.... read more

Posted by grub 2016-05-15

Integration into Firefox and Cyberfox

Hi Users,

We are completing final testing of integration into Cyberfox.
The latest beta release has been placed as the main download as we are finally confident that this is working.
If for any reason it is not - please come to the WASTE nulnet and report it to a BIOS operator or contact us here.

Thank you.

Posted by grub 2016-01-18

Integration into Firefox and Cyberfox 64bit

Hi Users,

We are still testing and completing integration into Cyberfox 32/64.
The new version 6.2016.01.2 integrates fully into 32bit versions of Firefox and Cyberfox browsers.

64bit support for Cyberfox is limited at present. It works, but the desktop shortcut fails.

We are working to address this.

Posted by grub 2016-01-16

CyberFox Integration coming soon...

Hi Users,

Someone brought the CyberFox Product to our attention.
We liked what we saw and thriving on feedback from our users we hvae decided to cater to CyberFox users.

Expect a version coming soon that integrates into CyberFox.

Posted by grub 2016-01-16

6.2016.01.1 - Beta Release

This release sees the return of Pluggable Transports. Initially Obfs 2/3 and 4 are catered for. Our work is heavily linked to feedback and it was feedback that forced us to return them to the product. We may consider other PT's.
This pushes the download towards the 25mb mark as a by-product.

We also had reports that MicroSip was not running on some (admittedly seriously cut-down) versions of Windows XP. To combat this we also now ship the Visual C++ 2008 runtime that is automatically installed for users with Windows XP. This should happen silently for you. Windows XP users should encounter a seemless experience now. We would like to thank the anonymous user that brought it to our attention.... read more

Posted by grub 2016-01-07

2016 Beta

Dear Users,

Please accept our apologies for pulling the beta release. It is a beta at present, and at times it is too unstable to ship and at other times bugs are found and we need to pull it.

The reason for this activity is WASTE file transfers are currently being worked on, and networking has been revamped. Some pretty awful bugs have been squashed.

For the technical amongst you, we have been trying to make the file transfer and networking technology in WASTE more object oriented in how its handled. Also, the file send window was storing run-time data and being used as the model for that data. We have changed all this. Now uploads have an accompanying helper object. This object tracks the download for the duration it is running. The reason for this effort is that it enables us to have much improved file resend capability. We have also implemented a resend option for files. Also, the way file transfers are notified to the user has been changed to use a windows notification balloon. This means you can ignore downloads if you wish. They no longer take focus when you are chatting. We can now provide upload and download Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for transfers. We have also changed the way files are tracked at either end. Previously WASTE used positonal information from the actual transfer window to track transfers, again using the User Interface for run-time data. Now transfers have a correlation ID that is randomly generated. This means downloads can be reordered in future on-the-fly for example, It also means transfers are tracked internally individually. This means file cancelling and resuming is more robust. Resume downloads is now more powerful and files will resume downloading provided the source of that download has not cancelled it.... read more

Posted by grub 2015-12-15

August Release

Hi Users,

Its that time again.... a new release.
This one has some significant changes and improvements and enrichments.

As some of you may be aware, all tools within this security pack have been built from source and have been improved, in some areas, significantly. For WASTE and MicroSip a uPnP module has been embedded to aid connectivity for the average home user. Please enable uPnP in your router configuration to gain automatic port forwading for the tools. For Tor we have enabled server shut-down, but still enable client connectivity for more bandwidth conscious users who wish to offer back to the Tor network.... read more

Posted by grub 2015-07-31

Firefox Tor Profile...

Dear Users,

Firefox, as you know, has regular updates now and has had several revisions since we last provided the Firefox Profile.

We have now updated the profile and it will appear in the June 2015 release.

Plugins have been updated in this release and you may be prompted to load previously in use plugins again. We will leave this choice to you.

Thank you.

Posted by grub 2015-05-10

WASTE : WASTE routing...

Dear Users,

We have been perfecting the connection management within WASTE for some time. It has now matured to the point that full 'WASTE routing' is now in effect. What we mean by this is the BIOS nodes will connect parties to a general nullnet. Then the swarm of clients will share their locations for other WASTE users. Then each client will build a map of the network and selectively connect to part of it.... read more

Posted by grub 2015-04-05

SIP URI's, SIP Accounts and DDNS - ways to reach a call party.

Hi Users,

Feedback suggests that some people are having trouble makings calls. We apologize if you are one of those people.

MicroSIP 3.9.6 requires a sip uri to make a call. You can no longer dial just an ipaddress:port.

You must use a proper formed sip uri. All this means is that to dial another party you need to use the following format.

A user at ip and port 2222 will be reached by using the following uri.
This should be entered into the dial box and then called.... read more

Posted by grub 2015-01-06

MicroSIP 3.96.

Hello users,

We ship a custom build of MicroSIP with uPnP awareness built in. This increases the chances of a successful call for home users behind uPnP NAT aware routers (the vast majority of routers out there).

We have integrated the uPnP library into the latest MicroSIP v3.96. We are putting it through its final stages of test and hope to include it in a future release.



Posted by grub 2014-12-17

MicroSIP - Accountless, Serverless, STUNless internet calling coming soon...

Hello Users,

We have been working very hard behind the scenes with our beta testers in several countries to bring you a MicroSIP that is auto-starting, no longer requires STUN and no longer requires ICE.
MicroSIP is now uPnP aware and will establish uPnP routing between callers.

If your internet connection supports uPnP (mostly home users with home routers) then you can disable STUN by removing any entries. Disable ICE. Switch to TCP for the transport and then simply call your other party at their IPaddress and port, (ipAddress:port).... read more

Posted by grub 2014-11-28

AVAST Antivirus - Deep Screen...

We have reports from beta testers that AVAST Antivirus has a Deep Screen option that causes the installer to run twice. It also causes MicroSIP to start twice.

If you encounter this problem, please disable Deep Screen or switch to another Antivirus solution.

Thank you.


Posted by grub 2014-11-14

VoIP Ports...

Some users may find port 5060 blocked. This is the default port.
In this instance - set your port to one of your choice within the account settings.
Then click apply.

Then when you give your IP to the person you want to call you, give them your address in the following format.

{IP address}:{port}

So... if your ip address is..., and your port is 22222.

Give your address to you caller as... read more

Posted by grub 2014-10-31

VOIP Support coming soon...

Hi Users,

Some of our users have requested Voice capability in the tool.

We have been evaluating how to add VOIP (Voice over IP) PC-2-PC calling into the product.
We needed to find an open source VOIP stack, with uPnP support and it needed to be portable for easy bundling. It also needed to enable SIP account handling and at the same time not require it for PC-2-PC calling.

We have since found our ideal solution and its being beta-tested as these words are being typed.... read more

Posted by grub 2014-10-23

WASTE - increased file transfer speeds.

We love working with WASTE, an old private mesh tool, and mixing it with Tor, a new privacy tool.
The old is not always pushed out with the new.

To keep pace with modern and fast connections we have increased the file transfer Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) from 4K to 8K. This does break compatibility with older WASTE clients, but only for file transfers. Thats the only bad news. ALL users will have to upgrade to the new October release which we are working on right now. Its almost ready and being put through its paces. Beta testers will get their hands on it first - and then its over to you !... read more

Posted by grub 2014-09-12

Canvas Tracking.

The media has been awash with reports of Canvas Tracking. A new technique for tracking users.
These reports vary between news that it is not effective to news that it is very effective.
Some claim it cant be blocked and some claim it can.

NoScript is setup for you in the Tor Profile and it disables javascript by default. On sites where you must run it you must 'opt-in' using the NoScript option menu in the Firefox taskbar at the bottom of the browser window.... read more

Posted by grub 2014-09-04


The new release, 3.2014.04.1 contains openssl-1.0.1g to combat any vulnerability that could have been introduced with previously affected versions of SSL.

ALL users should upgrade to this version.



Posted by grub 2014-04-12

darkBIOS network being closed down to pure non-locked users.

The network has grown which is very very good.
What is not so good is there are too few BIOS operators.

To combat the load that is being placed on too few BIOS nodes we will periodically close down the WASTE network to those who do not complete the locking phase of the installation.

DarkLocking() is detailed in the installation documentation which we do encourage users to read.

This means that some people will not be able to connect to the network.... read more

Posted by grub 2013-03-12

We need DarkBIOS Operators... Please

Hi BlackBelt Privacy Tor + WASTE users.

We are now actively seeking new DarkBIOS operators to increase the connectivity of the network.

What is a BIOS Operator ?

A BIOS Operator runs a DarkBIOS node and has it patched into the network to be able to handle connections. You need a DDNS resolvable host and be listening on a port of your choice, typically 443 or 1337.

We can supply the DarkBIOS installer.... read more

Posted by grub 2013-01-30

Tor Firefox Profile... the journey to the dark side is now complete...

We have successfully transitioned to the use of a Tor Firefox profile.

We would like to thank 2 anonymous beta-testers who offered valuable time and feedback to enable this to work. We think we have ironed out the bugs, but please feed back if you find any. We thrive on feedback. Many features now in the product came about due to our users and their insatiable desire to have things their way.

Download the latest releases to benefit.... read more

Posted by grub 2013-01-11

Firefox 16.xx Compatability.

Dear Users,

The Tor Button is comprehensively broken in Firefox 16.xx versions.
To combat this we are introducing a Tor profile for firefox users. All other users will manage access to Tor in ways they find for their browser.

For Firefox users, expect a new profile icon to arrive on your desktop when you upgrade. This will give you access to the new Tor profile we are currently working on.

Its Panopticlick score is less than 1000 and a similar number to the Tor Project's Plugin with Firefox solution.... read more

Posted by grub 2012-11-14

Child Pornography is BANNED

We will not condone nor allow child pornography on our volunteer run WASTE network.

We take a pro-active approach to keep material as abhorrent and disgusting as this off our WASTE darkNet.

We will also not hesitate to pro-actively work with Police and Law enforcement in any jurisdiction should we detect anyone breaking this rule.

Posted by grub 2012-11-01

Expression on the WASTE darkNet network

If you choose to use the built-in WASTE darkNet we welcome you.
However, the BIOS nodes are run by volunteers who have come to some consensus on what is considered objectionable content.

We are democratically agreed that pornography of any kind is not welcome on the network. Please refrain from sharing it.

This is to protect younger users of this software.

We appreciate that this could be construed as censorship, by a vendor that is passionate about an open web. We apologise if it appears that way, but you are encouraged to generate your own networks and establish your own rules.... read more

Posted by grub 2012-10-18

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