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Bookmark Manager / News: Recent posts

BKM mentioned on Neowin, to my surprise!

As I headed over to Neowin for my nightly dose of news, I was a little bit surprised to see BKM submitted in the software section.

Thanks for the support Mihai Asmanow!

Posted by psdsoftware 2007-02-19

BKM 4.0.6 Released

After a bit of down time I've finally updated BKM with a couple of bug fixes.

bkm-4.0.6 (Feb 18 2007 07:00:00AM EST)
* Fixed a bug with encoding when exporting HTML pages (1607526)
* Fixed a display bug in tooltips where "&" would act as an underline
* Fixed a bug with all import functions (incl. sync) where the character
"&" was being removed due to my HTML decode functions (1628678).
* Added new Spanish translation (thanks Jeronimo)
* Added new German translation. (thanks Jens)
* Updated installer to Inno Setup 5.1.9

Posted by psdsoftware 2007-02-18

Some words about Windows Vista

Windows Vista has not been tested for compatiblity with BKM. One report so far says there are at least some problems.

I have no intention of testing compatibility on Vista, or supporting it.

Posted by psdsoftware 2007-01-16

BKM 4.0.5 Released

Yes, another new release for you to jump on!

There are some new additions, and some changes, just like usual.

Biggest addition is the feature to select a specific browser to use for a bookmark (per bookmark) rather than one browser for every bookmark. This feature works when launching a bookmark from BKM as well as the system tray icon.

Enjoy, and don't forget to submit any bugs you find or request features you'd like to see in BKM.... read more

Posted by psdsoftware 2006-10-30

Internet Explorer 7 Compatibility Note

The basic features and functions of BKM are unchanged by the new version of Internet Explorer.

However, the News display that I have implimented into BKM relies on the web browser control that is from IE4-IE6 (and compatible with VB6) and this control has been unregistered for IE7.

This doesnt seem to affect the program as you run it, but if you are using the source code you will have to re-add shdocvw.dll to the project.... read more

Posted by psdsoftware 2006-10-20

BKM 4.0.4 Released

bkm-4.0.4 (Thur Oct 19 2006 07:00:00 AM EST)

* Fixed bug #1577100 where secure-http links
would be opened as http://https//
This bug was completely my fault from a
change in 4.0.3.

* Fixed bugs with the created/visited dates
for import/export of Opera/Netscape.

* Added proper UTF-8 file encoding to the Opera
and Netscape export functions. This should take
care of many of the problems with characters
not being displayed properly in different languages.... read more

Posted by psdsoftware 2006-10-19

BKM 4.0.2 Released

New version with new updates!

There is a new Mini install version so current users will not have to download the full package again.


Posted by psdsoftware 2006-09-28

bkm-4.0.0-pre8 released

Yes, pre7 was skipped and not released except to CVS.

Get yourself the latest release and enjoy this great program. Many things have been improved.

Posted by psdsoftware 2006-09-10

pyBKM 0.2.1

I forgot to actually distribute the French translation in the last release. This has now been fixed in pyBKM 0.2.1.


Posted by Patrice Neff 2004-05-04

pyBKM 0.2 released

According to the roadmap we have now reached release 0.2 (reini). All the items except the Windows installer have been implemented.

The changes since release 0.1 include
* Drag&Drop
* Copy, Cut and Paste using clipboard
* Recent files list
* Reopen last database
* Allow deletion of multiple nodes at once
* Better date handling for XBEL databases
* Improved Unicode handling
* Separators are supported
* Works on Microsoft Windows
* German and French translation... read more

Posted by Patrice Neff 2004-04-20

pyBKM 0.1.3

The release 0.1.3 of pyBKM has been released. Major changes since 0.1.2 include:
- German translation
- Reopen last database
- Recent files list
- Copy, Cut and Paste using clipboard
- Delete all selected nodes instead of only one selected

This release is almost ready for 0.2 version number according to the roadmap. The only missing feature for that is a Microsoft Windows installer.

Posted by Patrice Neff 2004-04-09

Website revamped

The BKM Web site has been redesigned. The main features:
- News are imported automatically. This has the big advantage for us, that we don't have to write news two times (or three if you count translation) but only once.
- Separate sections for vbBKM and pyBKM to make clear how the project is divided
- Design is more pleasing to the eyes

Web site:

Posted by Patrice Neff 2004-04-02

bkm-4.0.0-pre6 released

Bookmark Manager 4.0.0, preview 6 is finally here!
There are several new features, and a lot of bugs fixed. There's also an updated installer to do away with the language-dependent installers and decrease file size.

Posted by Daniel Remenak 2004-03-27

Announcing pyBKM

The last month I have been working on a new version of BKM. This version uses Python+wxPython and is supposed to run on Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

The current name for that new project is pyBKM, which is not exactly a very creative name. This name might or might not change in the future. But I need a working title to get started.

This means, there will be two projects with the name BKM from now on. The original and stable BKM written in Visual Basic will only run on Windows. This project may be referenced with the name vbBKM in the future. The new pyBKM written in Python will be cross-platform.... read more

Posted by Patrice Neff 2004-03-18

bkm-4.0.0-pre5 released

Fixed a strange bug that occured only on very foreign systems. Had to do with our German umlauts. Additionally UTF-8 handling was improved so that decoding is only attempted if the import file is declared as a UTF-8 file.

And - great news - the French should now be complete.

Posted by Patrice Neff 2002-11-21


Getting ready for the final release... This release is for the Frenchmen. It includes a French translation and even a partially French setup. Other changes include several small bug fixes and a spell corrected English translation.

Posted by Patrice Neff 2002-09-09


Now includes partial UTF-8 support for import of Bookmark files. Is more or less feature-complete and might advance to the final release as early as in two weeks.

Posted by Patrice Neff 2002-08-22

BKM 4.0.0-pre2

This is a release candidate. Despite a lot of changes, some of them quite fundamental, it seems pretty solid. The changes include: Default databases and other usability improvemets, Netscape import is now capable of Unix line feeds, unlimited number of browsers can be defined and - last but not least - URLs can be of unlimited length.

Enjoy and give feedback, please.

Posted by Patrice Neff 2002-08-21

release 4.0-pre1

This release fixes some bugs and finally implements proxy support for the link checker.

This is a source only version. If you want to create a setup, I can grant you the permission to upload it. Contact me at if you want to do that.

Posted by Patrice Neff 2002-05-19

Bookmark-Manager 4: Preview

The first preview of the open-source BKM has now been uploaded. This release includes an English user interface.

Posted by Patrice Neff 2001-08-14