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I previously kept my bookmarks in Compass, and I had kewords stored in the comments of some bookmarks. I exported from Compass to Internet Explorer, and also imported Compass's .html bookmark list but I'm unable to see or search for the comments. In the compass .html file the comments follow a <DD> tag. If I search the folder where IE bookmarks are stored for data in files, it finds the comments but I'm unable to edit or add in IE. Is it possible to retrieve these comments when importing into Bookmark Manager?


  • psdsoftware

    psdsoftware - 2007-04-09

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    How did you export to IE from Compass?

    I just installed Compass for research but do not see any method of exporting to IE, only various types of html and text files, and none of the html files work with IE's import function.

  • psdsoftware

    psdsoftware - 2007-04-09
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