#57 URLs cannot be opened by double click/single click

BKM 4-pre
Code (29)
Ilia S.

1) When bookmark's URL value like 'host.net'
(not 'http://host.net'), it can't be opened from BM in
some cases by double or single click;

Thanks for doing your job!


  • Ilia S.

    Ilia S. - 2004-07-22
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  • Daniel Remenak

    Daniel Remenak - 2004-07-23
    • assigned_to: nobody --> dtremenak
  • Daniel Remenak

    Daniel Remenak - 2004-07-23

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    Unfortunately, that is true. Many people have bookmarks of
    multiple types, not just HTTP. I, for example, have HTTP,
    FTP, Gopher, and IRC bookmarks. It may or may not be sane
    to assume that a bookmark consisting of just a hostname is
    Javascript bookmarks/bookmarklets are just one area of
    confusion; how could BKM tell the difference between e.g.
    "javascript:80/5" (not HTTP; prints "16"), "localhost:80/5"
    (HTTP; calls the index of directory "5" on your local web
    server) and "george:21/5" (FTP; calls the index of directory
    "5" on George's LAN ftp server)?
    Needless to say, this type of URL handling is complex.
    BKM's handling of non-HTTP protocol bookmarks is a little
    screwy in multiple situations; until it also handles other
    protocols correctly, it will not be able to assume that
    'host.net' == 'http://host.net'. This is an area that I
    intend to work on.

  • psdsoftware

    psdsoftware - 2006-10-10
    • assigned_to: dtremenak --> psdsoftware
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  • psdsoftware

    psdsoftware - 2006-10-10

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    I will change this so that if no specific protocol is
    specified, it will default to launching a web browser. This
    may not be the intended action for each and every protocol
    but since the general use for BKM is bookmarks from
    browsers, it's not out of the world to assume that a person
    would want the site opened in a browser.


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