#24 Interface: Runtime Error 490

BKM 4-pre
Interface (36)

Ok I found a few small bugs, so before it is final, those
should maybe be fixed.

Open BKM and open any possible .bkm file.

Now do one of the following:

a.) Do a left (mouse) click in the left hand window.
so that you have nothing selected.
Now do a right (mouse) click and you get
==> Runtime Error 490

b.) Just close the BKM file again and do then the
right mose click.
==> Runtime Error 490

In the CVS tree is also a error in the modules:
modConvert.bas Version 1.6 is damaged


  • Patrice Neff

    Patrice Neff - 2002-08-27
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Patrice Neff

    Patrice Neff - 2002-08-27

    Logged In: YES

    Thank you, I fixed the bug.

    I also detected the problem with modConvert.bas now. I had
    to check it in as a binary file, because it contains some
    binary characters.


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