#159 Code 31: Unable to register the DLL/OCX

BKM 4-pre
Code (29)

I'm really interested in a decent open-source bookmark manager with versions for both Windows and Linux. I was hoping that BKM would be the one. However, I'm having a few serious problems with this...

1) When I installed on an old Windows ME system everything seemed to work OK. But then I tried to install on a Windows 98SE system and I got an error message during installation:



Unable to register the DLL/OCX: LoadLibrary failed; code 31.
A device attached to the system is not functioning.

Click Retry to try again, Ignore to proceed anyway (not recommended), or Abort to cancel installation.

I first tried installing with the optional VisualBasic runtime files, but that's where I get this message. I can choose 'Ignore' and it appears to finish the installation. But when I try to start BKM it takes a minute or two before it starts. Then an error message pops up saying that it could not find the default bookmarks. Which is strange, since I had the 'install default bookmarks' selected during installation.
I checked the "defaultdb" folder and, sure enough, there is a "defaultdb_en.bkm" file there. I try to "open" this bookmark file and another error message pops up. I then try to crean a "new" bookmark file and, whether or not I try to overwrite this file or create a new one, it crashes BKM back to the desktop.

Also, I checked the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder and I DID find a msexch35.dll file. (Apparently, Book Manager just couldn't register the file or something.) I ran SCANREGW.EXE and it said my registry was fine. I then ran Norton WinDoctor and it could not find anything wrong, either.

On a different Windows 98SE partition I tried again, this time without the optional VisualBasic runtime files. It installs fine, but when I click the shortcut the program will not successfully start... I then install the VisualBasic runtime files and I get the same problem as before.

This is unusual as I haven't had a problem installing or running any other programs on this Win 98SE parition. If it means that BKM is not compatible with Windows 98SE, this is something of an obstacle for me as I primarily use this OS. I'm only using Windows ME temporarily.

2) My other problem with BKM is that is seems so incredibly... S-L-O-W...

The reason I'm looking for an alternative manager for my bookmarks is because Opera's bookmark manager is so slow on my machine. For simple web browsing, I thought my K6-2 500 Mhz system (with 768MB SDRAM and a fast 60 GB ATA133 hard drive) would be sufficient. But I have thousands of bookmarks and it takes FOREVER. Just waiting for the 'add bookmark' window to appear or the Opera bookmark manager to open takes about 5 minutes or more!! And then it takes another 5 minutes to confirm the added bookmark, or open another 'add bookmark' window! Even just browsing bookmarks or opening a folder of bookmarks takes forever.

In comparison, BKM seems slightly faster in accessing existing bookmarks. However, I tried unsuccessfully to "import" my collection of thousands of Opera bookmarks. I pointed BKM to the proper file in the Opera directory and it started to import them... But I had to give up on the waiting! I waited patiently for OVER THREE HOURS, with NO OTHER program running in the background! Still, it had not imported all the bookmarks and I had to shut down the machine.

In comparison, Opera took only about 10 to 15 minutes to import this huge bookmark collection from MS Internet Explorer.


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