#132 Export from BM4.0.3 to Opera faulty

BKM 4-pre


I'm working with Bookmark Manager 4.0.3 on Windows XP
SP2 and with Opera-Browser 9.02.

When I export a Bookmar Manager database to Opera,
some names of links are written wrong in Opera. It
concerns all words with german umlauts ä, ö or ü. In
the Bookmark Manager-window these words are written
correctly, but exported to the Opera-file opera6.adr
all umlauts are replaced by a small quadrat, and for
each quadrat in a name one letter is missing at the
end of the name. Two examples:
Behörden goes to Beh[quadrat]rde;
Behördenüberblick goes to

What is happening there?



  • psdsoftware

    psdsoftware - 2006-10-15

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    It's unfourtunate that there are so many problems with

    Although the interface has multiple languages, the written
    code is not very capable of dealing with languages.

    VB6 does not support unicode, which is where a lot of the
    problems come in.

    I'll see if there are any changes I can make to help this,
    but I'm not very hopeful.

    I want to re-create BKM in VB.NET which will solve mostly
    all the language problems but that project is off in the
    future, if ever.

  • psdsoftware

    psdsoftware - 2006-10-15

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    I've figured that the problem is with the file encoding

    After some playing around, I've found that the exported
    hotlist file -actually- needs to be utf8, otherwise Opera
    will not properly read the file.

    This brings up the problem of no native utf8 support in
    VB6. And it's not enough to have the encoding=utf8 line in
    the opera header.

    I've got some code that will allow the proper creation of
    utf8 files which results in Opera importing the correct
    characters -------- however it is not well written (one
    function of it actually) and it causes other character
    errors in return (my only example right now is the
    character Ae is turned into something else improperly).

    This same problem was also applied to Mozilla export. The
    characters were not displayed properly due to the
    charset=utf8 in the html.. however if i changed it to a
    united states charset the characters are displayed
    properly, but i dont know how that would affect the file/
    characters on a computer in another country, if at all.

  • psdsoftware

    psdsoftware - 2006-10-18
    • assigned_to: nobody --> psdsoftware
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • psdsoftware

    psdsoftware - 2006-10-18

    Logged In: YES

    Should be fixed in next release.


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