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bk2site - search.pl security alert!!!

There is a bug on search.pl that will let any user
of your website to execute any program on your machine with the same persmissions as the webserver. This has been fixed in 1.1.4.

Posted by Jose M. Vidal 2000-05-17

%COMMENT changes meaning in 1.1.1

The new %COMMENT maintains the <BR> tags that Netscape
automatically inserts in the comments each time you press
the return key. If you want the old %COMMENT functionality,
you must now use %LONGCOMMENT.

Posted by Jose M. Vidal 2000-02-09

Feature requests.

If you use bk2site and have some feature requests, please post them in the forums.

I would like to see were people want this project to go.

I like collaboration. That is, I would like to link bk2site sites, somehow, without making a big mess. The aggregate should be better than the the
sum of the individual sites.

Other suggestions?

Posted by Jose M. Vidal 2000-01-20