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pwmd 2.3

Fixed the COPY command only copying the first element of the tree.

Ported to libassuan 2.0.0 which is now a DSO.

DISPLAY and TERM must be set manually by the client or by using ~/.pwmd/pinentry.conf.

Posted by Ben Kibbey 2010-01-17

pwmd 2.1

This version adds commands RENAME and COPY. It also fixes a few portability problems with 64-bit machines among other things.

Posted by Ben Kibbey 2009-07-09

libpwmd 6.0.2

pwmd_ssh_connect_async() now does non-blocking SSH negotiation.

Fixed a segfault when resetting pinentry options to NULL via pwmd_setopt().

Added PWMD_PINENTRY_CONFIRM. This will show a pinentry confirmation dialog box. The text shown is set with PWMD_OPTION_PINENTRY_TITLE.

Added file:// which acts like local://.

Posted by Ben Kibbey 2009-05-09

XChat2 libpwmd module added

This will retrieve a NickServ password from pwmd.

Posted by Ben Kibbey 2009-05-04

libpwmd 6.0.1

Fixed a bug in pwmd_socket_type() that would always return an error for the local connected socket.

Posted by Ben Kibbey 2009-04-28

pwmd 2.0 and libpwmd 6.0.0

A major version bump for both of these projects. pwmd 2.0 fixes a few version 1 data file bugs and breaks data file compatibility. Although you can easily convert to version 2 by using the new --convert command line switch. A few protocol command changes and additions were also added to pwmd 2.0.

Libpwmd 6 has alot of API changes including support for connecting to a remote pwmd server over an SSH channel. It also requires pwmd 2.0.... read more

Posted by Ben Kibbey 2009-04-26

PWMD 1.20

This version fixes a problem with the OPEN command when linked with newer versions of libxml2. It also uses thread-safe error functions when available.

Posted by Ben Kibbey 2009-03-21

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