Use something better then CVS

  • thkoch2001

    thkoch2001 - 2010-12-09


    I'm starting to look into HSearch right now. However it feels very strange in 2010 to see a new project still using CVS. I've done an import to GIT so that I can better work with the code. You can find the GIT import at
    I'd strongly suggest that you move to one of the newer distributed source control systems. This would make it easier for external contributors to join your project.
    See also this page for reasons to switch to GIT:

  • Sunil

    Sunil - 2010-12-09


    We have been using CVS and SVN for quite sometime and didn't really find a reason to switch to something else. It just works for us.

    Thanks for your suggestion. If it makes it easier for others to contribute we will have to do the switch.



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